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Knobs For Jesus: The X-Rated God’s-Eye-View Of The Christian Science Society in Dixon, Illinois

christian science church

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The Hackney’s Atheist Church: can Sandi Toksvig replace God?


ALL hail Hackney’s Atheist Church. The HAC will “do good without God”.

Bit odd that a group that doesn’t want God should call itself a Church and meet on Sunday. Instead of sermons, the group with hold “talks on science and life”.  But not God. That part of life is taboo.

It all sounds a bit intolerant.

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Fist fight in church after family save pew seats

church fight

CHRUCH is not all about belting out the first lines to All Things Bright And Beautiful and trying to pray the kids into a Church school. It’s about fighting the good fight.

To Utah’s Meadows Ward, where at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for a missionary farewell and a baby blessing. A family there to see the blessing were sat in a pew. The parents were reserving seats for other family members. That did not included Wayne Dodge, 51. He sat in one of the reserved seats. Things were said.

Dodge and a man in the family group took it outside.

Says Weber County Sheriff’s Lt. Mark Lowther:

“(Dodge) ended up throwing a couple of punches and striking this individual. He had some blood coming from his face, so he went inside the church to clean up. And when he exited the church, (Dodge) was in his car. I guess there was another confrontation.”

After which Dodge (and what price nominative determinism?) hit the man with his vehicle.

“Ultimately, the victim ended up on the hood of the car. [Dodge] exited the vehicle and some other people that attended the church service restrained him. And I don’t know how, but he ultimately ended up in the bishop’s office until law enforcement arrived.”

Dodge was arrested.


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The Orthodox Church of Moldova wants gays to expect ‘severe consequences’


GAY Rights are hard won in Moldova. The Orthodox Church of Moldova have issued a statement about a Gay Pride at the  “Rainbow Over the Dniester” festival:

His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir addressed a message to General Mayor of Chisinau, Mr. Dorin Chirtoaca, pleading that the authorities do not allow the organization of a gay pride planned for the 19th of May.

It is mentioned in the message: “The Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova continues to believe that this is a defying initiative, conflicting with moral values and decency. At the same time, a potential march of sexual minorities on the streets of Chisinau will be nothing else but a strong provocation with severe consequences, taking into account general repulsion of the population towards the deviant behavior of homosexuals and lesbians…”

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Church refuses straight weddings until gay marriage is recognised

green street marriage church

RECENTLY in Britain, ‘gay marriage’ became plain old ‘marriage’, but over in America, things aren’t quite as rosy. American’s still love being told what to do by a man from the middle east, it seems. However, one of Jesus’ flock has decided to make a stand by saying that they’ll be stopping straight people from tying the knot until gay marriage gets the green light by the state of North Carolina.

The Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem has publicly slated North Carolina’s position to prohibit same-sex marriage and “all the rights and privileges marriage brings”.

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Church gives underage teens ‘qualified for sex’ certificates


sex award church award

TEENAGERS who passed the “Love and Sexuality” course run by the Church of Sweden were given awards. The 14-year-olds got badges and certificates declaring them “qualified for sex”.

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Preacher abuses talking congregant at First Baptist Church of Hammond (video)

DO you talk in Church? Larry Smith is a sermoniser at the First Baptist Church of Hammond. Indiana. As the Church says on its website:

We believe that Christians should talk, behave, live, and dress like a citizen of Heaven.

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First Atheist church in UK opens

SINCE everyone decided religion was a really stupid idea, mainly because a bunch of left-leaning comedians said-so, and of course, various religions abused children, blew people up and cut off a load of foreskins, there’s been a lot of volume concerning the veracity of worship.

On one hand, we’ve got hooting zealots, the other, sneering know-it-alls… and the creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig…

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School pastor stuck in handcuffs and mouth gag

WITH police to St. Aloysius church, Springfield, Illinois, affiliated with St. Aloysius School.

The cops have received a call from the rectory. Father Tom Donovan has told them:

“I’m going to need help getting out before this becomes a medical emergency.”

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Killer gets a fate worse than prison – CHURCH!

AMERICA is a dangerous place filled with guns and cholesterol, but this time, they’ve gone too far. A seventeen year old kid has been found guilty of manslaughter, which isn’t unusual. So is he getting sent to prison? NO! Far, far worse than that!


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Mummified perjury hand stolen from German church

WHO stole the mummified hand from St Brigida church, Legden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany? The dead hand had been in a box since 1905. Known as the “perjury-hand”, it is said to have been chopped off a liar.
The congregation are “deeply saddened”, says Alfred Janning. He asks:  “Who would do such a thing?

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The Patriarch gets into a car

THE dignity of high office in the Church:

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Camel King Falls On Crowd In Church Nativity Play

THE camel at the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach Christmas concert has fallen off the stage and into the cheap seats.

The camel, Lula Belle, has not been injured. But this video does illustrate the perils of using live animals during Christmas shows, and why Bucks Fizz have for the past five years found worked as horse, cows, camels and, most recently in a avant-garde performance of Mother Goose at the Bournemouth Pavilion, a cockatoo…

spotter: CNN

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Come All Ye Faithful: The Madonna of Orgasm Church

“THE orgasm is God, the orgasm should be worshiped,” says Carlos Bebeacua from Lövestad in southern Sweden in the Kvällsposten newspaper.

“The orgasm is the ultimate feeling of lust, it shouldn’t be limited to ejaculation. You can reach it through art or by looking at a landscape and thinking ‘Wow!’”

Henceforth the Madonna of Orgasm Church (Orgasmens Madonnas kyrka). Last week a court ruled it had the right to be registered as a faith community.

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Posted: 22nd, November 2008 | In: Key Posts, Strange But True | Comments (3)