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Why Cilla Black died: a criminal act, suicide and other media speculation

Why did Cilla Black die? The 72-year-old stalwart of British entertianment was found dead at her Spanish holiday home.

The Metro says Cillas “died of natural causes”.

Was she in good health? Last December she gave an interview:

“I am falling apart. My hand is falling apart. I can’t shake hands. I had arthritis and I had an operation for it. I had it done because I was in pain. I am not in pain at the moment. But it looks a bit deformed on the wrist. That has been fixed but it is going to take some time to heal. I fell in the park earlier this year as well and hurt my hand…

“You see on Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor they all wear ear plugs. But I could not hear myself when I wore them. So that is where the strong voice came from. Now I am totally deaf because of the Cavern days.”

The Telegraph adds drama:

Cilla Black’s son found star’s body after smashing his way into her bedroom

Cilla Black’s doting son Bobby discovered the star’s body after smashing his way into her bedroom when she failed to rise from an afternoon siesta.

We hear from a “source close to the inquiry”:

“Cilla’s son found her lying face upwards in a solarium-style sun terrace next to her bedroom. There’s no conclusive autopsy results yet but the main theory right now is that she had a dizzy turn after going from an air-conditioned room into the midday heat and losing her balance.

“The marks she’s got are consistent with a fall where she’s put up an arm as a defence mechanism.

“What’s need to be determined now is why she fell and whether it was indeed to do with the sudden change in temperature and the effect that had on her – which seems the most likely scenario at the moment – or whether something else triggered the collapse.

“Midday temperatures on Saturday in the area were in the high eighties and we know Cilla wasn’t in the best of health.

“More tests may be necessary after the autopsy to get to the bottom of whats really happened.  There’s no evidence to link Cilla’s death to any criminal act but police and courts generally like to keep an open mind on things.

That speculation from a trusty source who cannot be named becomes fact in the Standard:

Cilla Black died after fall from dizzy turn in searing Costa del Sol heat

Investigation source: “main theory right now is that she had a dizzy turn after going from an air-conditioned room into the midday heat and losing her balance.”


…sources close to the investigation said this yesterday morning medical examiners will look closely at marks on her right arm and elbow which they believe may be linked to a fall potentially caused by a sudden temperature change.

We are then told:

Cilla, born Priscilla Maria Veronica White in 1943 in Liverpool, told last year how she would like to die at 75 before she became too frail to enjoy life.

She said: “Seventy-five is a good age to go. I know it’s only four years away but I take each day as I find it.”

No exactly a suicide case, then. Indeed, Cilla said in 2014:

“I agree with Dignitas, but I couldn’t be the one to administer the poison that kills me. I know I couldn’t commit suicide. I’m too much of a coward, I couldn’t do it. I’d rather somebody make that decision for me.”

But the Daily Star still finds it fire to thunder: “CILLA’S SECRET DEATH WISH”:


cilla death wish


All true – apart from the bits about a secret and a death wish.


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Cilla Black Sends Ringo Starr Out For A Lump Of Coal



CILLA Black:

“Who threw the best parties in the 1960s? Obviously me! I used to throw parties at my Portland Place flat with all the Beatles and Mick Jagger. In fact Ringo Starr was sent out to get a lump of coal and a piece of bread one New Year’s eve — and we forgot about him! He turned up two hours later, freezing cold, with two Americans who’d recognised him in the street.”

All wonderfully innocent, family-friendly fun…

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How the Hit Parade moved from phonograph needles, platters and sleaze to MP3s

SIXTY years ago, the first British singles chart – or “Hit Parade” as it was called – was published. It appeared in the New Musical Express, and it was a top twelve that contained fifteen platters, on account of the joint number sevens, joint number eights and joint number elevens. Al Martino was number one with Here In My Heart. Only one of the discs was available in the new-fangled 45-revolutions-per-minute 7-inch vinyl format; the rest came as easily-breakable shellac 78s, for which the term “smash hit” was all too apt.

Read the rest of this entry »

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The One Show: Adrian Chiles Gags, Lenny Henry Kills And Cilla Black Noshes George Harrison’s Avocado

ADRIAN Chiles is the moribund, miserable face of the ITV World Cup output. But he used to be on The One Show – as ghastly as it sounds –with Christine Bleakley listening to Cilla Black saying “George Harrison introduced me to Avocado” and Lenny Henry killing more than just jokes – people, people: he killed people.

We are, of course, only joking. Our pal Casetteboy has pulled together a compilation video of Chiles’s The One Show best bits. He should use it as his showreel. The video makes Chiles look interesting, edgy and funny. TV can lie. And it can lie very well…

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Katie Price And Cilla Black Swing Into Benidorm: Great Pictures

ANORAK likes Benidorm, the sticky slice of Spanish costas as uprooted Brits fail to understand to be understood by the locals. Being filmed in the sun makes Benidorm enjoyable. These are holiday friends that you enjoy watching and spending a few moments with.

So, here comes Katie Price to play the role of a Felt-tip-faced chav with massive Jordan. It’s being billed as cameo role and much the same way that Hugh Grant plays cameos of foppish shaggers and Mr Kipling play a man who likes sponge fingers. Also on the show is Cilla Black. She plays and ageing swinger. No, not a young swinger. An ageing one.

The distinction is what sets actors apart from special guest stars…

Cilla Black with:


Picture 1 of 65

The Beatles, left to right, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney with Cilla Black, second right, launch the new pop group 'Grapefruit' at the Hanover Grand, Regent's Street.

Jimmy Tarbuck, Bruce Forsyth, Milton Reid, Leslie Crowther, Terry Scott, Basil Brush, Sheila Burnette, Jonathan King, Lionel Blair, Roy Castle, Moira Anderson, Danny La Rue, Mirielle Mathieu, Harry Secombe, Faith Brown, Mike Yarwood, Ginger Rogers, Herb Alpert, Frankie Howerd, Des O’Connor, Cliff Richard, Sid James, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, the new pop group ‘Grapefruit’, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Petula Clark, Sandie Shaw, Jimmy Savile, Tommy Cooper, Frankie Vaughn, Gerry and the Pacemakers, George Harrison, Billy J. Kramer, Ray Jones of ‘The Dakotas’, Chris Curtis and Michael Pender of ‘The Searchers’ and Brian Epstein…

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