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Why Claire Squires did it – London Marathon athlete was running for herself

THE self-serving tabloid drive to own Claire Squires, the woman who died during the London Marathon, can now be put to bed. Claire Squires’ sister Maxine Holmes says the runner was not making a “sacrifice” (Daily Mirror), looking to create a “legacy of love” (Daily Mail) nor to “make it a million” and make us proud (The Sun). Was she “inspirational“, as this site says?

Claire Squire was… Well, no need to guess and speculate and read her mind. Let’s hear from her sister, someone who actually knew her:

 “She was running it for herself as she had won a place to compete in the ballot. Then she decided at the last moment, just 10 days before it, to get sponsorship and urged people to help. That is typical Claire, she wanted to do something to help others.”

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The cynical manipulation of Claire Squires death

CLAIRE Squires died at the London Marathon. She was running to achieve a personal goal and to raise money for The Samaritans, a group her mother has helped for 24 years. Money is pouring in to Claire Squires’ Just Giving page on the internet, and the tabloids want a slice of the action.

Following yesterday’s Daily Mail report which gave readers an insight into what Squires was thinking and her motives for running – andno, it never spoke with her – the Sun leads with ” Tragic Claire: Make it £1m.”

Claire Squires name and story seems to be raising money pretty well without the Sun’s patronage. Undoubtedly media reports on her death have triggered people to pledge cash. At the time of writing £592,559.08 has been raised from 52,103 donations.

But the Sun is here to co-brand Claire Squires, just as it did with Madeleine McCanns (albeit in the guise of its dead alter ego The News of the World) and Jo Yeates, slapping up reward and wanted posters for each woman with its company logo high and handsome over their heads.

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Claire Squires death at the London Marathon becomes a spectator sport

NO little shock at Claire Squires’ death at the London Marathon. The 30-year-old from North Kilworth, Leicestershire died on Birdcage Walk, not far from the finishing line. Her death is the tenth since the London Marathon began in 1981.

It is not yet know why she died.

Claire Squires is on the front pages of the Daily Express, Daily Mail, Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Times.

Claire Squires was running for The Samaritans. Her mother Cilla has been involved with The Samaritans for 24 years.

So. Mrs Squires was a volunteer for the Samaritans well before her son died – Claire Squires’ older brother Grant took heroin and anti-depressants before he died aged 25 in 2001; a fact repeated in all newspapers. Yet, the Mail make the link and says Ms Squires’ run was a “legacy of love”.

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