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Haroon Zafaryab Is The Tabloid Hero In The War On Clampers

HAROON Zafaryab, is the “HERO driver”. Mr Zafaryab is 27. He lives in Kingsbury, London NW9. He owns a Toyota Prius. When he parked in an area of “private property” in Wembley he was clamped. He failed to notice the notice warning of clampers.

The story goes like this. Mr Zafaryab parks his car. He heads to the mosque. When he returns he sees that his car is clamped. Ayon Malcolm, a warden, asks him to pay £100 and a mere £265 for the truck that is on its way to tow his car.

Our tabloid hero declines the offer. He gets back in his car. He sits. It is 1.18pm on Wednesday August 17. He remains in the car for 30 hours, says the Sun.

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Posted: 17th, August 2010 | In: Reviews | Comments (13)