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Let us eat badgers (unless you’re Brian May who advocates cannibalism)

MUCH has been howled at in terms of the imminent badger cull. Badgers, you see, are not only pretend cute (cute from afar, tearing your face off and much larger than expected up-close) but they’re also meme-friendly and the pal of Bodger. To kill off a load of them would be to hurt many-a-feeling. However, the living half of Two Fat Ladies, Clarissa Dickson Wright, has just the solution!

Eat badgers.

That’s right. We should totally eat a protected species. She ate them when she was younger and, if a cete of badgers should get offed, then we humans should gorge on their gigantic bodies. Provided we don’t catch tuberculosis from them.

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Posted: 25th, September 2012 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts | Comments (2)