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George Monbiot and Heathrow hooligans make a lot of noise about nothing

Heathrow 13“The Heathrow ‘hooligans’ are our modern day freedom fighters,”  says George Monbiot in the Guardian. We think of a freedom fighter fighting for choice, glory and human endeavour. Monbiot’s freedom fighter is someone who wants to stop you taking a package holiday.

They have been reviled as vandals, hooligans and lunatics. But to me, these people are heroes. The 13 women and men on trial this week for cutting through the perimeter fence around Heathrow airport and chaining themselves together on a runway were excoriated by police, passengers and politicians. (One of the defendants in the case is a member of the cooperative society that rents my house.) If convicted, they all face a possible prison sentence. But there are two trials here: the legal proceedings in a local magistrates court, and a test of something much bigger.

Aviation enjoys some astonishing exemptions from the civilising rules that constrain other sectors. Other industries must limit the noise they make; but aircraft, thanks to an obscure clause in the 1949 Civil Aviation Act, are exempt.

Wrong. Says the Government:

Noise is regulated to some extent at all UK airports. This can include noise limits and restrictions on night flights.

Gatwick Airport has more:

The rules for night time

Until 1962, the government had no policy on night noise, and airlines were free to fly into and out of the airport at any time. Since 1962, in response to increasing community concern about noise, the government has tightened the rules…

The night time rules apply from 23:00 until 06:00. There is also a ‘shoulder period’ at either end of the night, with slightly less strict rules – that is 23:00-23:30 and 06:00-07:00.

From 23.30-06:00, the rules allow for a limited number of flights and a limited amount of noise over the whole summer or winter season. The number of flights is based on a points or ‘quota’ system relating to each plane’s noise levels.

On top of the quota system, there is also an absolute limit on the number of flights permitted at the airport. Under the quota system, the airport has a total number of ‘quota points’, which are then used up by night time flights. Different types of planes use up different numbers of points, depending on how noisy they are.

The noisiest aircraft use 16 points of the quota, and they’re called QC16s (QC = Quota Count). The next noisiest have eight points – QC8s. As planes get quieter, their points get smaller until the quietest planes have just half a point or are exempt altogether.

During the night quota period the noisiest types of planes are not permitted to be scheduled. Because there is a limit on the airport’s total quota of points for night-time flying, this system encourages airlines who want to fly at night to use the quietest aircraft.

Monbiot is utterly wrong, then. There rare rules governing noise at airports.

He then utters:

Airlines operate in a legislative vacuum, a transnational, extralegal limbo, accountable nowhere and to no one. As a result they threaten everything that was agreed at December’s climate talks in Paris.

No shareholders. No staff. No laws. Nothing and no-one.

You can do a course in aviation law at the Air Transport Association (IATA), which begins by telling anyone:

International air transportation is governed by a complex and fragmented system of global regulatory agencies

Being an expert on such things is far simpler at the Guardian.

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Climate Change Watch: Europe Freezes As Snow Becomes A Thing Of The Past

CLIMATE Change Watch: Compre and contrast:

October, 2014:

The risk of severe winters in Europe and northern Asia has been doubled by global warming, according to new research… The new research, published in Nature Geoscience, shows that the increased risk of icy winters will persist for the next few decades.

March 2000:

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The War On Free Speech: Professor Lennart Bengtsson And The McCarthy-Style Witch Hunt On Dissenting Scientists


climate mccarthy



IF you value free speech, you’ll be interested in the news that sceptical views on man-made climate change are being squashed. In echos of the “Climategate” scandal at the University of East Anglia, these new allegations are that a paper by Professor Lennart Bengtsson, a research fellow at the University of Reading, was censored because it contested the UN’s Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that the global average temperature would rise by up to 4.5C if greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were allowed to double.

He tell the Times: “The problem we now have in the climate community is that some scientists are mixing up their scientific role with that of a climate activist…It is an indication of how science is gradually being influenced by political views. The reality hasn’t been keeping up with the [computer] models. Therefore, if people are proposing to do major changes to the world’s economic system we must have much more solid information.”

Professor Bengtsson and four scientists from America and Sweden submitted their research to the Environmental Research Letters.  The publication rejected it after one assessor called it “less than helpful”. This editor added:

“Actually it is harmful as it opens the door for oversimplified claims of ‘errors’ and worse from the climate sceptics media side.”

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Everything You Heard About Climate Change Is Wrong

TODAY’S the lovely day we all find out how we’re going to fry in that latest report from the IPCC. You know, the scientific consensus on how climate change is doing damage to the planet and what it is that we might do about it. And what we all get told about what we ought to do about it is entirely wrong.

I mean all of that stuff that comes from The Guardian, Green Party, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and so on. You know the damn mantra. we must grow more of our own food, stop this horrible market based economy, plan to make things better, stop doing all this globalisation stuff.

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Antarctica’s Climate Change Leave Huge Carbon Footprint On The Ice They Polluted

Akademik Shokalskiy

CHRIS Turney and his band of climate experts once holidaying aboard the MV Akademik Shokalskiyv not only learned that Antarctica is cold and man-made fibres excellent and helicopters faster than global warming , they know what certainty is.

Turney wife Annette and children Kara and Robert tells us:

“It’s 100 percent we’re off!” Chris Turney, a professor and a leader of the scientific expedition, said on Twitter with a link to a video of the Snow Eagle landing.

100%. No room for scepticism, there. Fact.

Ross Clark reports

The Xue Long, the Chinese ship which provided the helicopter to airlift Turney and his colleagues from the Akademik Shokalskiy to the Aurora Australis, has itself now become stuck in ice. Meanwhile 22 Russian crew remain aboard the Shokalskiy. Both ships are stronger than the Endurance, Shackleton’s ship whose timbers were crushed in similar circumstances in 1915, prompting his famous voyage and trek to the whaling station on South Georgia, but both ships remain in danger from further movements of the ice.

Tracy Rogers, Turney’s colleague at the University of New South Wales, is upbeat:

“The Chinese captain is an incredible ambassador for his country,” she said today. She is very lucky that China, which normally incurs the wrath of the climate change lobby due to its fondness for new coal-fired power stations, has chosen the path to wealth – which includes ships and helicopters able to rescue scientists in distress – rather than a path to carbon-free enlightenment.

Anyone worked out the carbon footprint of Turney and his gang of fossil-fuel driven climate change experts?

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We’re all getting diesel generators to beat climate change – WTF!

THIS has to be the most insane side effect of the hysteria over climate change yet: we’re all supposed to kit ourselves out with diesel generators:

NHS hospitals are being asked to cut their power demand from the National Grid as part of a government attempt to stave off power blackouts, which the energy watchdog Ofgem warns could arrive as early as 2015.

According to one energy company, four hospitals have already signed up to a deal under which they will reduce demand at peak times by using diesel-fired generators.

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Win: Global warming threatens the bird-eating big-headed ant

Pheidole megacephala

GLOBAL warming isn’t all bad news. Although fans of massive hungry ants will be upset:

An aggressive ant species so vicious that in groups it can eat bird hatchlings alive may see its territory decline in the coming decades as climate change takes its toll on its habitats.

Pheidole megacephala, more popularly known as the big-headed ant, has been classified as one of the world’s 100 most invasive species, found in every continent except Antarctica. A recent model, however, predicts global warming will slow the ants’ march significantly by 2080.

Just one more reason why birds love global warming…

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Tasmania bushfires: it’s not humanity and climate change – it’s just one careless man

FIRES are raging in Tasmania.Tony Young, who lives in Dunalley, tells media:

“The trees just went off. They were like firecrackers — flames 20ft or 30ft high. All I could do was drive to the other side of the road and look at the whole place being engulfed, just like in a movie.”

Andrew Jenkins told the Hobart Mercury:

“(Fire) came over the hill. The smoke was tremendous. There were a few spot fires and all of a sudden it was here.”

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CFACT prank delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha

TO Doha, Qatar, where the jetted-in climate change activists are approached by members of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT). They tell the delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference about a new carbon capture mask that filters out the carbon dioxide (CO2) they exhale. Would they wear one. You know, for Gaia?

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Qatar produces hots air on climate change as China burns ahead

HAVING flown into the  Climate Talks in Qatar, a deal looks unlikely. The latest data on carbon dioxide emissions leads to the BBC story “Carbon emissions are ‘too high’ to curb climate change“. The Times sums up:

Of the planet’s top 10 polluters, the United States and Germany were the only countries that reduced their carbon dioxide emissions.

Last year, all the world’s nations combined pumped nearly 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, according to new international calculations on global emissions published today in the journal Nature Climate Change.

That’s about a billion tonnes more than the previous year.

The total amounts to more than 2.4 million pounds (1.1 million kilograms) of carbon dioxide released into the air every second.

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On The Nonsense That Is Bill McKibben

SO. Dear Old Bill McKibben is out and about again telling us that it’s all these evil corporations that are to blame for climate change:

As gutsy New Yorkers begin the task of drying out the city, here’s one thought that occurred to me last night watching the horrifying pictures from a distance. It’s obviously not crucial right now – but in the long run it might make a difference. Why don’t we stop naming these storms for people, and start naming them after oil companies?

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Climate Change will not mean you die from malaria

ONE of the things we’re often told about climate change is that the increasing heat will bring back malaria. As temperatures rise then the mozzies that carry it will be able to live further north and thus we’ll all die aiieeeee!

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Climate change creates geothermal opportunities and other unproven science in the name of politics

IN “Climate change will shake the Earth” Bill McGuire delivers a vision of doom. In 2008, Bill McGuire wrote Seven Years to Save the Planet. Says he:

A changing climate isn’t just about floods, droughts and heatwaves. It brings erupting volcanoes and catastrophic earthquakes too… The idea that a changing climate can persuade the ground to shake, volcanoes to rumble and tsunamis to crash on to unsuspecting coastlines seems, at first, to be bordering on the insane.

He has examples.
Here in the UK, we only have to go back a couple years to April 2010, when the word on everyone’s lips was Eyjafjallajökull – the ice-covered Icelandic volcano that brought UK and European air traffic to a grinding halt. Less than a year ago, our planet’s ability to shock and awe headed the news once again as the east coast of Japan was bludgeoned by a cataclysmic combination of megaquake and tsunami, resulting – at a quarter of a trillion dollars or so – in the biggest natural-catastrophe bill ever.

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Climate change creates more child rape

GLOBAL warming, or climate change, has been held responsible for many ills of now and the future. But did you know that climate change creates more child abusers and child rapists? Well, says it does.

Cambodia, an exotic land filled with bright colors, city lights and ancient temples is a popular vacation spot. A remarkable country with exquisite culture holds one of the darkest secrets alive today. Very much a real and disturbing reality; we come to unfold this problem and discuss the problems of the sex trade in this area. In fact, children as young as 5 are being sold as slaves in exchange for sex. A problem that has been around for a while is being made worse by the problems caused by climate change.

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Climate Change Junket Experiences Sudden Warming In Cancun: Photos

THE climate change junket is heading to…Cancun. Phew! What climate change activist from the UK or Denmark cannot but be impressed at how much their immediate climate has altered. One day it’s freezing cold. Then, a few hours later, it’s baking hot. We blame jet fuel.

Yvo de Boer, former head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, has news: for the boiling delegates:

De Boer said climate negotiators in Cancun should focus on “small steps” toward slowing climate change, warning that if there is another failure such as took place in Copenhagen last year, ”no one will take us seriously anymore.”

Meanwhile, back in the UK, it’s winter and Gaia is weeping white tears to reflect the sun’s merciless rays:


Picture 1 of 12

Roads around Newcastle were blocked by deep snow today following another night of heavy snowfalls.

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Climate Change Scientists Say Pacific Islands Growing Not Drowning

THE islands in the Pacific are sinking. They will drown. So goes the climate change mantra. Oxfam warned:

More than 75 million people living on Pacific islands will have to relocate by 2050 because of the effects of climate change…

Al Gore told movie goers in An Inconvenient Truth:

That’s why the citizens of these Pacific nations have all had to evacuate to New Zealand

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Polar Bears All Die As Black Bear Gets Shot From Tree

POLAR Bear Watch: Well, keep watching because those polies are all giong to die. The BBC condemns them (seals rejoice!):

Climate change will trigger a dramatic and sudden decline in the number of polar bears, a new study has concluded.

The research is the first to directly model how changing climate will affect polar bear reproduction and survival.

Based on what is known of polar bear physiology, behaviour and ecology, it predicts pregnancy rates will fall and fewer bears will survive fasting during longer ice-free seasons.

These changes will happen suddenly as bears pass a ‘tipping point’.

We predict a rapid return to a media focus on shagging panda bears. The pandas used to have it all their own way before the polies came… Meanwhile, over in a tree, black bear is doing his bit for his kind:

Spotter: Tim Blair

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Vulture Commits Suicide By wind Turbine: Video

VULTURES are waiting the death of mankind. They are circling. But the wind turbine will save us. Oh yes, the Lind turbine will save us all!

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In France The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change Is A ‘Mafia-Like System’

IN Franc, there is a big heated debate on cliamte change. A new book called L’imposture climatique (The Climate Fraud) is selling well. Very well:

France’s National Academy of Sciences will hold an official debate on climate change to try to defuse this newly explosive issue.

The Academy of Sciences debate, expected to be held by October of this year, follows two months of heated debate on radio and television, during which France’s two most prominent sceptics, Claude Allegre and Vincent Courtillot [a member of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council], have sown great doubt in the minds of a once unskeptical French public. Allegre’s new book, L’imposture climatique (The Climate Fraud), has especially caused the French public to reconsider the conventional wisdom about global warming. In this runaway best-seller (110,000 copies sold to date), Allegre, France’s most celebrated scientist and a former Science Minister in a socialist government, calls the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a “mafia-like system” that promotes a “baseless myth” about climate change.

In an attempt to stop the erosion of their public support, some 410 establishment scientists petitioned the current science minster, asking her to rebuke the skeptics and to express confidence in the climate research community. Her response was to turn to France’s National Academy with a request for a debate on the subject. The Academy’s president, Jean Salençon, readily agreed in the hopes that an airing of the issues would calm some of the fury on the subject.

At least the debate will be open and honest. Unlike in the UK

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Global Warring: Warming Leads To More Murders

GLOBAL warming will not make us chilled. Hell, no. Global warming will make us heat up and boil with rage. As Tim Blair says, this is why the old retire to Florida. They are looking to rumble. Iowa State researchers know the facts:

If global warming is a scientific fact, then you better be prepared for the earth to become a more violent place. That’s because new Iowa State University research shows that as the earth’s average temperature rises, so too does human “heat” in the form of violent tendencies …

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Ed Miliband Opens Climate Change And Glee Club As Nursery Adverts Banned

ED Miliband is an expert on energy because on his name badge it says “energy secretary”. It’s a big important title, boys and girls – you Klimate Kops. So listen carefully while Ed tells you that the world is melting and drowning.

And this is Mr Ed , who has already told us:

The government needs to be saying, ‘It is socially unacceptable to be against wind turbines in your area – like not wearing your seatbelt or driving past a zebra crossing’.”

Now for a song in Ed’s Glee Club – putting the Band In Miliband:

“Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub — a necessary course of action due to flash flooding caused by climate change.”

God that, kidzzz? You are going to drown. Only, you’re not – yet. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says Ed and his fellow teachers have been exaggerating the potential harm. There is no science to back up their teachings.

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Glaciergate: The Resignation Of Rajendra Pachauri BBC Bias

GLACIERGATE, the latest climate change story the BBC isn’t talking about (see how the CRU story was sat on), is pretty bad news for Rajendra Pachauri, frequent flying chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Richard North brings us the latest:

“You can’t say it’s careless science … it’s one mistake,” says Pachauri, referring to the use of the WWF “grey” reference (i.e., not peer-reviewed) to support the contention that Himalayan glaciers would melt away by 2035.

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Independent Declares ‘Snowfalls A Thing Of The Past’: Snow Falls Like Cocaine

15516657TODAY the Indepedent declares that Britain is an “ICE LAND” . And you can take part:

It’s still snowing in the UK, and we’d like to see your pictures of the beauty, the carnage and all the other effects of the extreme weather across the country.

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Cold News: Cooling Cycle Is Not Deadly Weather, It’s Killer Climate

coldIT’S Cold. And cold is front-page news:

As Cold As South Pole”Mail

It’s even colder than in your freezer” – Mirror

Deep-Freeze BRITAIN” – Telegraph

ICE LAND” – Indepdendent

So cold is it that people are dying from the freeze. Richard North looks at the news coverage:

THE death toll from Britain’s biggest freeze for decades reached 22 today, reports The Times – and this is before we see what is slated to be the coldest night so far.

That, however, only takes into account the immediate, observable deaths associated with accidents and other incidents. But, as the BBC admits, cold is a silent killer.

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Mayhem World Over As Cold Weather Hits Global Warming Hard

8173129SO cold is it that the papers and news media all lead with the weather. Sky News screms (and this is “breaking news”): “Snow, Ice And Sleet Causes Travel Mayhem.” The Daily Star‘s front page  says it’s “-18”. The Mail‘s says “-12”. And Richard North looks at the world view, as told by the serious newspapers:

LET The Times do the talking for once. “Arctic freeze and snow wreak havoc across the planet,” it reports.

“Arctic air and record snow falls gripped the northern hemisphere yesterday, inflicting hardship and havoc from China, across Russia to Western Europe and over the US plains,” it tells us.

“There were few precedents for the global sweep of extreme cold and ice that killed dozens in India, paralysed life in Beijing and threatened the Florida orange crop. Chicagoans sheltered from a potentially killer freeze, Paris endured sunny Siberian cold, Italy dug itself out of snowdrifts and Poland counted at least 13 deaths in record low temperatures of about minus 25C (-13F).”

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