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Coco’s Medical Marvels Rocks Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party: Photos

COCO Austin and a bevy of celebs attended Heidi Klum’s Halloween do.

Stylebrity has more. But how do you follow this?

Halloween Rave Photos: What Really Happened When Police ‘Stormed’ London Party

Halloween Costumes To Offend And Sicken In Photos

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The Sexiest Twitter Pics Ever: Lindsay Lohan, Tila Tequila, Katy Perry, Coco And Moore

THE Sun says that a vote for the Labour Party is vote to end Page 3. Who needs Page 3 when you have Twitter. One-woman content factories like Tila Tequila, Lindsay Lohan and Coco can post their own pictures up and then work out the background story later. We’ve compiled the best self-promoting Twitter pics, featuring the aforesaid ladies, Adrienne Curry, Dora Baird, Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Demi Moore and many more stars of the little monitor. Enjoy – NSFW:

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Glamour Model Coco Orders Us To ‘GO HARD’ For Haiti

64289242DIRGES for Haiti; babies from Haiti; dating Lindsay Lohan for Haiti;  and now Ice T’s glamour model wife Coco pastes on a pair of leggings, take photo in a mirror and commands her legion of adolescent fans: “Get this shirt & lets start a Haiti movement! WE GO HARD! WE DON’T PLAY!”

In case you miss the subtleties of the message, the big Haiti push is illustrated by Coco shoving her backside to the lens. Nothing like a smutty pun and a T-shirt to improve the lot of the dispossessed and the hundreds of hacks and film crews shooting the same bit of road by the airport and broadcasting pictures of people too sick to get out of the way…

The Five Worst Disaster Charity Records Ever

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The Darker Side Of Coco’s Ass Goes It Alone

COCO is Ice T’s main squeeze. Given the size of her backside, Coco could be the main squeeze for the American military.

Coco and Coco’s backside appear on the cover of Juice magazine. But something is nto quite right about her leading fearture.

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