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Man sells coffin. One problem – it has a skeleton in it

coffin  odd craigslist

SELLING a coffin is problematic at the best of times. Imagine your glee when someone finally takes you up on the offer, but you’re a dumbass and crucially, you forget to take the skeleton out of it.

Dave Burgstrum, from Iowa, put the creepy item on Craigslist for $12,000 in a bid to raise money for property tax money for the Order of Odd Fellows (more on those guys, here).

Police were alerted to the advertisement and seized the coffin and body, deeming the sale illegal.

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Posted: 3rd, July 2013 | In: Strange But True, The Consumer | Comment

The Gay Coffin: Germany Reacts To Polish Coffin Dogging

GERMAN funeral workers respond to the porno coffins with the gay coffins made by Mike Konigsfeld and Tom Brandl in Cologne.

Just what is a gay coffin? Is it one suitable for cremations – one poof and it is gone (thanks to Great Yarmouth Mike for the funeral funnies).

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Posted: 16th, November 2010 | In: The Consumer | Comment