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Union Leader Colin Moses Knifes New Labour

THE New Statesman‘s guest-hiring of (not quite) socialite-socialist Jemima Khan has sparked quite a fashion in serious periodical-land.

Tribune – the leftie mag I thought had expired yonks ago – has importuned another (not quite) socialite-socialist (ret’d) to take over where the marketing budget left off. Step forward Farah Damji whose work occupies the centre pages of the latest issue – an interview with the outgoing National Chairman of the Prison Officers’ Association (POA), Colin Moses; described as the ‘only the second black UK Trade Union leader.’

Moses is a vitriolic critic of the government’s plan to turn our jails into privately run cash cows. But it is New Labour that comes in for his most caustic criticism, blaming the party for birthing the ‘punishment for profit’ policy. And in opposition, Labour still shows no interest in listening to the little people of the prison service, he claims.

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Posted: 19th, April 2011 | In: Reviews | Comment