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Colonel Gaddafi And Megari Wear Lockerbie Kilts At 40th Anniversary Show, Pictures

gaddafi-keyLOCKERBIE: Did Gordon Brown sanction Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi release and return to Libya in exchange for oil? And did a kilted Colonel Gaddafi thanks Scotland at his 40th anniversary do? Anorak looks back at Gaddafi’s life and at the current mess.

IN Libya, locals are celebrating Colonel Gaddafi’s celebration of 40 years in power. A video clip showing Megrahi stepping off a plane from Scotland to a hero’s welcome is played on a giant screen in Tripoli.

The British media is shocked that such an event should feature in Gaddafi’s anniversary celebrations. So what should be included?

Other highlights of Gaddafi’s 40 years in power:

1969 – A 27-year-old Gaddafi topples King Idris I in a farting contest, having eaten only falafal for seventeen days previously.

1974 – Gaddafi muses on which is the superior: a horsehair or palm leaf fly-swatter. Libya’s first democratic vote is curtailed when the palm leaf nails a huge blue bottle.

1977 – Gaddafi invented a system called the “Jamahiriya” or “state of the masses”, in which power is held by thousands of “peoples’ committees”, each answerable to the Supreme Committee, overseen by Colonel Gaddafi. The committees begin work on designing a new people’s horse, which comes to be known as a camel.

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