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11 Who Should be Cast in Ghostbusters 3?


Shown in this scene from the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters" are Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, center, and Harold Ramis. (AP Photo)

Shown in this scene from the 1984 movie “Ghostbusters” are Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, center, and Harold Ramis. (AP Photo)


AS you may have heard, Ghostbusters 3 is definitely happening.

However, there’s a twist – writer and director Paul Feig says the new film will be an all-female Ghostbusters cast and he will be writing it alongside Kate Dippold (from Parks and Recreation).

Of course, some fanboiz are spitting feathers over this, as an all-female Ghostbusters isn’t what they had in mind at all. However, if the casting is right, this could be a brilliant addition to the franchise.

Feig said on Twitter: “It’s official. I’m making a new Ghostbusters & writing it with @katiedippold & yes, it will star hilarious women. That’s who I’m gonna call.”

So who could Feig cast? There’s a wealth of brilliant and funny actresses out there and everyone will have a shortlist of their own. Here are some of our favourites.


Tina Fey

Tina Fey is one of the funniest humans on the planet. Whether she’d take the Ghostbusters role is another matter, but producers should be throwing money at her.


Mayim Bialik

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Rik Mayall RIP: A Brilliant Comedian Has Died



ONE of the most brilliant comedians of his generation, Rik Mayall has died.

Mayall, of course, was in his element when playing utterly obnoxious characters. The most famous of his irritating personas was the poetry-writing, Cliff Richard-loving anarchist Rick in The Young Ones, along with Ade Edmondson, who both went on to becoming the arseholes in Bottom.

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Belfast’s Hottest New Comedy Act Is A Dead Man In An Urn

kevin ashes


WHEN Kevin Dorothy, 53, died in December 2013, he was unable to fulfil his desire to preform at the city’s Pavilion Bar comedy showcase.

But he became a double-act. Because Kevin’s friend Stephen Mullan wasn’t alone when he appeared at the show. Next to him was Kevin, in ash form and urned (see photo).

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Glee Banned From TV After Comedy Club Spat?


YOU know Glee? It made Don’t Stop Believin’ a hit again and made the lives of music teachers up and down the country slightly more bearable after The Kids decided they want to sing in class after all (before reverting to type and sulking and smelling of new sweat).

Well, after enormous dominance, the show waned in popularity, replaced by… well… nothing. In Britain, nothing is what we might be getting after a judge (those paragons of virtue and hipness) ruled that it ‘diluted and tarnished’ the reputation of a chain of comedy clubs.

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Jay Z To Write A Comedy With Calvin Harris While Getting Sued


GET ready to do a Harry Hill style sideways glance to camera. Jay Z, Calvin Harris and Will Smith are teaming up with Irvine Welsh to create an HBO comedy about dance music.

[insert sideways glance here]

According to an official statement:

“The pitch for the new series, set in a fictional world of electronic music was developed with the help of Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris. The show has been bought by HBO and is currently in development with the pilot being penned by critically acclaimed “Trainspotting” author Irvine Welsh.”

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Oh No! Major Character From Family Guy Gets Killed Off!


SPOILERS. Sorry, the first word of this article was so blunt, but there’s people out there who are so feeble, so jumpy, so gawpingly pathetic that they need to be told about the contents of an internet article, or indeed, absolutely everyone’s social media feeds, in case someone spoils a TV show or film for them.

Some people rant about spoilers for films that are decades old. You’ve have your chance buddy. Shit, or get off the pot.

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Let Us Look At Andy Kaufman’s Best, While He Fakes His Death

Akaufman1ACCORDING to the brother of comedy legend, Andy Kaufman, the star faked his own death in 1984 and is still alive. Appearing at an award show named in Andy’s honour, Michael Kaufman said he had received a letter from his brother, confirming he was alive, in 1999.

He then introduced a woman who claimed to be Andy’s 24-year-old daughter.

Of course, bizarre things like this, farcical situations, uncomfortable silences, half truths and all that fun stuff, followed Andy Kaufman wherever he went. This is likely to be another case.

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Sacha Baron Cohen Kills Elderly Lady During Acceptance Speech


AT this year’s  British Academy of Film and Television Arts’ (BAFTA) Britannia Awards in Los Angeles, Sacha Baron Cohen was awarded some kind of gong for being brave and, presumably, funny.

However, he ended up killing an old woman who was in a wheelchair. You can see the video below.

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Lorra Laughs: Comedians are making even more than footballers


ARE comics making more cash than footballers? Yes. So we’re told:

Laughing all the way to the bank: The comics who are earning a fortune and even overtaking Premier League footballers.

Peter Kay tops the list, pocketing £32.8million in the past two years.

Michael McIntyre next highest earner on the list with earnings topping £21m.

Third is John Bishop reporting profits of £6.3m in two years.

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UN banned Sacha Baron Cohen from filming at UN because he might ‘upset dictators’

SACHA BARON COHEN is not a man that appears from behind his disguises very often, but he’s peered out from beneath his comedy facial fuzz to talk about his latest creation, Admiral General Aladeen.

And during an interview with the BBC, the Ali G and Borat star made an astonishing claim! He said: “The interesting thing is, when we asked to shoot inside the United Nations, they actually refused. We said ‘this is a pro-democracy movie’. They said ‘that’s the problem – we represent a lot of dictators, and they are going to be very angry by this portrayal of them so you can’t shoot in there’.”

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Finally! Now we know that The Simpsons live in Oregon!

ONE of the most idly pondered about mysteries in modern pop-culture is: Just which state is The Simpsons’ town of Springfield in? Well, Matt Groening has now decided that we should all know exactly where that is.

And it’s Oregon – almost an American Anywhere – a boomtown on the skids, polluted hick stop, family values land of corruption and more.

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Simpletons thrilled as Anchorman 2 is announced by Will Ferrell

WHILE there is nothing quite as funny as an unexpected fart, there’s comedy that’s so puerile that you have to wonder what kind of person actively seeks it out and enjoys it. Who on Earth watches Adam Sandler films? Plankton? Equally as bad, but oddly, given the credible thumbs up, is the awful Will Ferrell who has spoiled everyone’s year by announcing the return of Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2.

Will Ferrell, dressed in character and playing jazz flute, stopped by Conan O’Brien’s talk show last night to break the news that Paramount Pictures has officially greenlit a sequel to 2004 comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

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Russell Brand arrested in iPhone ‘tribute to Steve Jobs’

SINCE Russell Brand split up with Katy Perry, the pair have retained something of a dignified silence, which of course, is no good to anyone. Now at least, some vague cracks are beginning to show. HURRAY! We want a nervous breakdown brought on by jealousy, and now please.

And Brand is first to look like he’s going under after he had a quick trip to the police station after being arrested in New Orleans. Apparently, he tossed an iPhone off. (What is it with Brand and phones?)

According to TMZ, Brand grabbed a photographer’s iPhone and lobbed it through the window of a downtown law office. An arrest warrant was issued and the comic didn’t try to attempt to hide his part in the phone fiasco. On twitter, he address the whole thing:

“Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.”

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Stephen Hawking to appear in unswervingly awful Big Bang Theory

SWITCH him off now! Stephen Hawking has clearly lost his mind completely! He’s clearly not well! Why? Because, according to rumours, Professor Hawking is about to make a guest appearance in CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Seriously. It’s the worst show ever aired and Hawking can only redeem himself if he single-handedly kills the entire cast, everyone associated with the show and everyone who ever watched it and enjoyed it.

Apparently, Hawking will appear in a scene with Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Hawking is the next big name associated with this geekgasm of a show, with an imminent show featuring the voice of Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek.

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Ricky Gervais – the uncensored Golden Globes promise

MONGS! Does Ricky Gervais still like that word? We can’t remember. Either way, there’s a chance that Gervais will be hatching some other ill-advised impishness when he takes to the stage to present the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

See, he made some brows furrow and bellies laugh when he performed his acidic turn at the 2011 bash. And Gervais agreed to host again this year, under the condition that he be totally let off the leash.

“I do it my way. I get final edit on everything. And everything I do turns out like I wanted,” Gervais says in Friday’s episode of the Today Show. “And they don’t know what I’m gonna say. And they won’t know what I’m gonna say till I say it.”

“I got it a bit wrong I think the first time. I tried too hard with the shtick, the comedy, and I should have just gone out there and done zingers, I think, because the attention span of someone at an award show, particularly the Golden Globe, is about a second.

“They’re drinkin’, they’re talkin’, they’re seein’ someone. You know, you’ve gotta grab their attention. It’s not a great place for a comedian to play because they’ve got other things on their mind. They’re there to see if they’ve won an award, but they don’t wanna see this guy come out and telling jokes. Certainly not jokes at their expense.

“I might even really be drunk…”

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Has Justin Lee Collins Been Harassing His Ex-Girlfriend?

SEEN Sesame Street? Seen Barkley the Dog who hangs around with Big Bird? Ever seen it in the same room as Justin Lee Collins?

Anyway, one person who shouldn’t see in the same room as JLC is his ex-girlfriend. They don’t like each other. Alas, that’s not stopped him getting arrested for harassing her. That’s right, the wacky sidekick of Alan Carr is allegedto have  caused “fear of violence” in his former girlfriend.

A Hertfordshire Police statement claims: “Police can confirm that Justin Lee-Collins, from London, has been charged at Watford police station with Section 4 harassment (causing fear of violence).

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John Cleese slams Eric Idle over Monty Python money

PRETTY much everyone involved with Monty Python hates Eric Idle. Of the whole crew, it seems he’s been the most keen to vanish behind the velvet rope and right up his own arse. And now John Cleese has had enough, going openly hostile on his former colleague.


The Fawlty Towers star blasted Idle’s comments about the “millions” he has been paid for the musical Spamalot. Idle went public, complaining about the royalty payments he doled out to his fellow Pythons for the musical Spamalot.

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Jimmy Carr Takes Shots At Down Syndrome Sufferers

COMEDIANS love tackling taboo subjects. Many stand-ups see their job as mirth maker, coupled with freedom of speech activists. In the case of the latter, many use their freedom to say what they like to make audiences squirm with hard truths or contentious topics..

However, there are those who just do it to shock, for shocking’s sake, picking on the soft target who can’t fight back. And so, we’ll let you decide what angle M5 death gag teller Jimmy Carr took when he decided to have a pop at Down Syndrome sufferers. (Just like fearless Sun columnist Frankie Boyle’s funnies aimed at the handicapped, and other people less likely to fight back. He’s no Bernard Manning.)

While performing in Warrington, the 8 Out Of 10 Cats host threw this at the audience:

“Why are they called the Sunshine Variety coaches when all the kids on them look the f**king same?”

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Gervais’ ‘Holocaust Or Pedophile Material’ For Golden Globes

Of course, Gervais has courted controversy lately with… umm… shall we call it ‘mong-gate’ for ease? It’s obvious that the creator of The Office wants to push his luck as far as he can. And he may as well. We have to assume he’s made enough money to retire with, so he might as well cause some trouble.

Last time around, Gervais ribbed Scientology and gave Johnny Depp abuse, which seemed to be taken pretty well. Let us not forget that Hollywood popularised ‘the roast’ (no, not that kind, you mucky bugger), so it’s not a great leap to see why they asked him back.

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Colonel Gaddafi’s Death Video: He Died Years Ago

WHEN a celebrity dies, everyone becomes a joker don’t they? That, or they turn into blubbing, sensitive wail-bags. Of course, both are equally irritating and understandable.

So when Colonel Gaddafi got his body killed until the brains died, everyone laughed, wrung their hands and spat at the front covers of newspapers featuring his cadaver. Which did look a bit like Gene Simmons in a Shalamar wig in fairness. It’s hard not to make jokes when faced with that.

Either way, no matter how quick you thought you were with your wheezes, someone beat you to it by decades.

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Beavis And Butthead… They’re Back.

I AM the great Cornholio! I need T.P. for my bunghole! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Hmm. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh hmm hmm hmm.

Huh. Huh huh. Like shut up.

Anyone around the age of 30 will either find that hilarious or absolutely baffling. For the former, you’ll no doubt be aware of the fact that Beavis and Butthead are set to return to our screens and, from the teaser clip that’s been online for a while, it looks like it might be better than it ever was (with Mike Judge learning some real deal skills while making the wonderful, wonderful King Of The Hill).

Anyway, the new season starts October 27 on MTV and now there’s a proper trailer to whet our vile appetites. And it looks really, really great.

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Rowan Atkinson Crashes Supercar Into Supertree

LEGEND of British comedy, Rowan Atkinson, has decided to give us all a laugh today by crashing his supercar into a tree. Then a lamppost. Then it caught fire.

Seriously. That’s Baldrick levels of ace.

Mercifully for Blackadder/Mr Bean/That Police Thing He Was In fans, he’s in a stable condition. Which is good because you don’t tend to have little prangs when razzing around in a McLaren F1 supercar.

Atkinson earned himself a nice shoulder injury but managed to walk away from the flaming vehicle while he waited for an ambulance who probably thought the whole thing was some huge joke.

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Charlie Sheen Not Happy About Ashton Kutcher Replacing Him, Which Is A Massive Surprise

REMEMBER us telling you that Ashton Kutcher was to replace Charlie Sheen on Two And A Half Men? Do you recall that rising tide of ambivalence toward the whole story in your gut as you wondered why anyone would want to know should tawdry details about a show that no-one outside of America is stupid enough to watch?

Well, in what is devastatingly surprising news, Charlie Sheen wants to say something about it all.

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Dan Aykroyd Has 21,000 Bottles Of Vodka Stolen From Him

POOR old Dan Aykroyd. He’s currently mourning the loss of 21,000 bottles of vodka stolen from him. He was, apparently, planning on drinking them this weekend as well.

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Plan B Would Like To Do A Comedy TV Show

IF his preposterous pop-rap career wasn’t comedic enough, Plan B would apparently love to star in a comedy show on the television! Imagine the japes he could get up to! Telling his hilarious stories about selling a bit of weed way back when and ‘conquering soul music’! Haw haw!

Apparently, Plan B (real name Clarence Glans Thimbleberry III) would only do it… not that anyone has shown the vaguest bit of interest in giving him his own show… if he could showcase his ”sick” humour.

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