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The Magical Crisp Making Vending Machine!

CRISPS! Everyone loves crisps. Just reading the word makes you want to stuff as many lovely, greasy crisps into your gaping crisphole as inhumanely possible. If you choked to death on crisps, you’d die happy.

The British obsession with crisps is something of wonder, so imagine then, over in Argentina, they go and make the most incredible machine EVER EVER EVER.

That is, the crisp making vending machine!

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Posted: 24th, November 2011 | In: The Consumer | Comment

George Lucas Isn’t Rich Enough Yet, Says Yoda Noodles Commercial

IF it wasn’t bad enough seeing Darth Vader flogging computers for PC World, Yoda’s in on the act now vending noodles to Japan.


It seems that George Lucas is absolutely desperate to annoy as many Star Wars fans as possible, tinkering with the old movies and re-releasing them with new, pointless segments and getting as many of the characters to star in as many commercials as possible.

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Posted: 21st, November 2011 | In: The Consumer | Comments (3)

Justin Bieber Makes Terrifying Pest Perfume

JUSTIN Bieber may well be a matter of seconds old, but that doesn’t stop him from creaming every last penny out of the world’s prepubescent girls.

He’s launched a range of nail varnish as well as a singing toothbrush and, now, he’s behind a girl’s perfume that encourages the cell-sized singer to creep into your room like Dracula with an annoying fringe, only to sniff your neck and fly away like some perverted Peter Pan.

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Posted: 25th, May 2011 | In: Music | Comment