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Commonwealth Games: Indian Boxer’s Bed Collapses (Video And Photos)

COMMONWEALTH Games: To Delhi where Indian Akhil Kumar, a boxing champion, has sat on his bed int eh ehtlest village and felt it collspe benath him. Kumar wons gol;d at the 2006 Melbourne Games fifhgitn in the 54kilogrmase division.

Says he:

When I sat down on my bed to take a rest, it collapsed. It was quite scary. I later discovered that there was no plywood under the mattress, it had just been placed on the frame.”

And her comes out old pal and Indian official Shelia Dikshit to say:

“All efforts are being made to hold a successful games.”

On a personal note, your writer once stayed in Delhi . I pulled back the pillow on my bed and exposed an ants’ nest. Or “auxiliary builders”, as the Indian authorities now call them…

The Photos are Brilliant:


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Security forces guard the Athletes Village in New Delhi, India.

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