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Primal Scream Are Too Tame For The Sex Mad Conservatives

ANORAK loves it when minted rockers talk about politics. This week Primal Scream were upset that the Conservative Party’s Home Secretary Theresa May walked off the stage at the Tory Party conference to the strains of Rocks.

The band issue a statement in Q magazine:

“Primal Scream are totally disgusted that the Home Secretary Theresa May ended her speech at the Tory Party conference with our song ‘Rocks’.How inappropriate. Didn’t they research the political history of our band? Hasn’t she listened to the words? Does she even know what getting your rocks off means? No. She is a Tory; how could she?”

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Tory Councillor Suspended From Party For Agreeing With Barack Obama On Gays

BRISTOL Councillor Chris Windows has been “voluntarily suspended” from the Conservative Party. (No, not suspended from a rafter with a black bin liner over his head and wearing stockings and suspenders – he ‘s no Tory MP.)

Windows has been censured for saying that he was “disturbed” to learn that Sir Ian McKellen had been speaking to school children about being gay. Says he said:

I am unhappy and a little disturbed at the involvement of Stonewall in our local schools and particularly the use of a certain leading actor as a potential role model for our impressionable young people.”

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Conservatives Obliterated By Shoreditch Department of Advertising Correction

THE Shoreditch Department of Advertising Correction has been pasting its messages of politics and poetry over Conservative posters around Old Street and Shoreditch High Street. The messages are esoteric, exotic and wholly biased. What’s not to enjoy..?



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Ribble Valley Tories’ Racist Joke Exposed And The Guardian Forgets Kirk, Tonge And Dalyell

AN election looms, so perfect time, then, for Simon Farnsworth, a Tory councillor for Ribble Valley councillor, to send a racist joke to Ken Hind, his fellow councillor and a former Tory parliamentary candidate in Selby and Lancashire West at the 1997 and 1992 elections. The joke makes its way to the Guardian, via people with a vested interest in doing down the Tories.

Before we go on, get a load of these fine LibDem operatives like Madeleine Kirk and Jenny Tonge, and the lovely Labour MP Tam Dalyell who spoke of the Government being in thrall of a “cabal of Jewish advisers“. None is a racist. All are just stating an opinion. You have a right to be offended. Are you?

Racism, bigotry and pointing the finger at “them” is everywhere. It’s is not the preserve of any one party, although the BNP do make it a crux of their being.

Farnsworth sent the funny to an email list, whish also included the name of Ribble Valley Tory MP Nigel Evans, the mayor of South Ribble, and fellow Conservative councillors.

Want to hear the joke?

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