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After Grenfell: Tory haters are using the victims’ graves for a political slogan

Much nastiness has been written about the Tories since the horror at Grenfell. As I’ve said, the race to blame, to point the finger and scream “Murderers” at people who clearly aren’t is degrading. However tempting it is to demand instant justice, such behaviour should be resisted.

To behave so when brave men and women are searching for bodies in the blackened tower, and below that grim and dangerous task the missing and dead’s relatives and loved ones are hoping and praying for miracles is cruel. People are seriously ill in hospitals across London. Medics are fighting to save their lives. Many more people are shellshocked by what they survived.



But no sooner was the fire news than party politics waded in. Important questions are being funnelled into party lines. The Labour Party’s assumption that it has a monopoly on grief is despicable. But it’s been ever thus since Tony Blair told us Princess Diana was “Queen of all out hearts”. (But, as one commenter writes notes, Theresa May is a politician who can’t seem to do politics at any level. She’s working out her notice. Emoting in public might be the least of her worries.)

And I think we’ve reached rock bottom in this party political campaigning on a ruined building and destroyed lives. As Jeremy Vine notes: “Somehow using what is effectively a vertical graveyard for a political slogan seems wrong at this time.”


Tories austerity


It is wrong. It’s horrible. To use the dead of Grenfell Tower to draw battle lines in another General Election is callous – it might even be more callous than those dastardly Tories.

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Ban the DUP from Government and destroy Brexit

Much weeping and wailing over the Tory Party calling on the DUP to form a coalition government. One commentator described the DUP as the locals from The Dukes of Hazard. But ridicule is not enough. The censorious call is for a ban.

The shrill petition against the Tory-DUP deal has hit half a million signatures within 24 hour. What an intolerant, sneering, entitled mob we are. How great it is to be so into freedom, liberty and ‘being myself’ that you can ban other ideas and ‘bad’ people with abandon. The argument is settled! The science is settled! Thou shalt not dissent! No wonder Islamists feel so at home here. But you don’t need knives and bombs to destroy democracy. You just need a free online petition.

But this isn’t really about the red-neck DUP. This is about stopping Brexit. Back in 2015, the New Statesman told us the DUP were Labour’s allies in the General Election battle:

DUP could do a deal with Labour, says party’s Westminster leader – Nigel Dodds says he “can do business” with Ed Miliband and praises his responsible capitalism agenda.

George Eaton had encouraging news on how the DUP and Labour could unite to stop the Tories:

The Northern Irish party is traditionally viewed as a potential partner for the Conservatives, who considered a deal with them before the 2010 election. But when I interviewed the DUP’s Westminster leader, Nigel Dodds, he rejected this characterisation and signalled that he was open to an agreement with Labour.

“We can do business with either of the two leaders, either Ed Miliband or David Cameron, and we will obviously judge what’s in the best interests of the United Kingdom as a whole,” the North Belfast MP told me. “And obviously we’ll also be looking at it from the point of view of the constituencies that we represent in Northern Ireland as a whole. Unionism has worked in the past with Labour governments and we’ve worked in the past with Conservative governments back in the 70s. Indeed, the Ulster Unionist Party propped up the Callaghan administration. But it remains to be seen. We are certainly not in the pocket of either party and we’re certainly in a position where we’re able to negotiate with both of them.”

How ambitious were the DUP? Said Dodds: “We are not interested in a full-blown coalition government with ministerial positions and all of that.” The NS was delighted, calling the DUP’s openness “a boost for Labour”.

The Guardian said “senior Labour and Tory figures believe they will be able to work constructively with the DUP”. Labour saw the DUP as a “reliable partner”. The DUP had a “more natural affinity to Labour”. As for the DUP’s views on homosexuality – Ian Paisley, the party’s founder, once campaigned to “save Ulster from sodomy” – well, that wasn’t an issue:

Labour and the Tories are both troubled by the views of many DUP members on LGBT rights, highlighted by the resignation of the party’s health minister. But that would have no technical impact on negotiations over the formation of a UK government – LGBT matters are devolved to the Northern Ireland assembly.

Wind the clock forward and the DUP are no longer the party of Labour hope, who get on with Labour leaders “extremely well”.  They are regressive and anti-human. They are the “ultra-conservative DUP”, says the Guardian. “The DUP has vetoed the legalisation of same-sex marriage five times in Northern Ireland assembly votes. A majority of DUP members also oppose the legalisation of abortion, which is prohibited in Northern Ireland unless the mother’s life is at risk.”

The “DUP is undoubtedly bad news for the pro-choice movement in Northern Ireland”, says one New Statesman writer. The DUP’s rise to prominence will “embolden other anti-choice MPs”. Another writer tells New Statesmen readers: “Any government that includes the DUP is profoundly bad news for women.” All of them, including Arlene Foster, the DUP’s leader, because “women have the equal opportunity to be depressing misogynists too”. Or to put it another way: not all women agree with one another; they can hold their own views and exercise free will in decision making.

All abortion should be decriminalised. Birth control should be a private matter. But to call the DUP women haters is unhelpful, hyperbolic and deliberately polarising. It’s meant to be, of course. If the DUP are bad for women’s right then any Brexit contracts signed by a Tory-DUP alliance will be bad for women. Ditch the DUP and save womankind. But with no DUP there can be no easy Brexit. Better yet, there’ll be no Brexit at all.

So add your name to the online poll, and defeat the free and legal vote for Brexit, one backed by over 17m low-information, tabloid-duped people between 7am and 10pm on a June day last year. Do it for the many, not the few.

PS: This dicing up of the electorate into gender, race and age is hideous. We don’t vote with our skin, genitals or student ID. We vote with our heads, hearts and wallets. The narrative that says Labour is the party of youth overlooks the number of younger voters who voted Tory and the older voters who were unnerved by the so-called dementia tax and turned away from Theresa May. It also ignores how fluid voting has become. UKIP’s collapse was down to its voters turning to Labour and the Conservatives. Fudge Brexit and UKIP may yet rise again. A return to ‘safe and secure’ two-party politics is far from guaranteed.


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Tory MP tweets: ‘Vote Conservative for strong and stable leadershit’

James Conwyn MP, Conservative Candidate for Earlingford Abbey, tweets:

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A referendum on Party members choosing leaders is pure folly

Phillip Collins is of the mind that “party members choosing leaders is pure folly“. Why? That’s how many clubs chose their leaders. Collins doesn’t write the headlines for his Times story, of course.

Below it he opines that Tory Party members acting “in the name of democracy, are making a shambles of our democracy”.

As it is with the Tories so it is with Labour, he argues: “The gap between the parliamentary party, in which 172 MPs have declared no confidence in their nominal leader, and the members at large is breaking Labour apart.”

You might not like who the members chose, but that’s the system. Collins should be more bothered by the EU Referendum in which anyone of voting age did get to choose. More than a week after the Leave campaign won nothing has been done to trigger Article 50 and with it UK’s Brexit from the European Union.




At this point Corbyn supporters piously intone that “democracy” is on their side. They say, as if it clinched the argument, that Mr Corbyn has a mandate from the membership which renders dissent illegitimate. The numbers from the Labour leadership ballot are, indeed, clear. Mr Corbyn won a handsome mandate to be leader of the party. But he did not also win a mandate to be a hopeless leader of the party. There is no mandate to trail a leaderless Tory party in the midst of a nervous breakdown by seven points in the polls. Mr Corbyn did not win a mandate to be a general who cannot command the confidence of his parliamentary cavalry.

Democracy is not a single event. The first clause of the Labour Party constitution commits it to taking the cause of working people to parliament. It is a charter for victory for a party that was founded, out of the trade union movement, to take control of the levers of the state as a government. Labour was therefore a parliamentary institution before it was a members club. Labour MPs represent, within the party, the voters who put them into parliament. They have a democratic mandate too, larger in number than the members and a viable leader has to retain the confidence of all parts of the Labour structure.

The catastrophic election system introduced by Ed Miliband in 2014 fails to respect the Labour Party’s tiered structure. Candidates are proposed by MPs but the vote is conducted entirely by the membership. Between 1922 and 1981 Labour’s leader was chosen entirely by the parliamentary party. In 1981, Tony Benn’s intervention established an unwieldy electoral college in which MPs held 30 per cent of the vote, members the same and trade unions 40 per cent.
The terrible answer that dropped out of the bottom of that Heath Robinson machine was Michael Foot. But at least the college made some reference to the different levels of Labour Party democracy. Certainly it was preferable to the current disaster in which any ex-member of the Socialist Workers Party can vote for less than the price of a pint. The Labour Party is left with just one option. Sign up the moderates, of whom there are more in the nation than the Corbynistas, and then let the new leader abolish the system.

There are 84 Conservative MPs, people actually paid out of public funds to conduct politics, who believe that Andrea Leadsom should be prime minister. Somebody as smart as former leader Michael Howard should be ashamed of himself
You might have thought, with Labour helpfully providing a primer in what not to do, that the Conservatives might draw the obvious lesson. Perhaps it will. Those who know the party better than I do suggest that Theresa May will win and that 199 Tory MPs took the sensible option in yesterday’s second leadership ballot. Yet there are 84 Conservative MPs, people actually paid out of public funds to conduct politics, who believe that Andrea Leadsom should be prime minister. Somebody as smart as former leader Michael Howard should be ashamed of himself. It is scarcely credible that, fired with fervour, Tory MPs will risk setting their membership against the bulk of their colleagues in parliament.

Mrs May’s victory yesterday was so overwhelming that the contest should be stopped. She should offer Mrs Leadsom the business brief and Mrs Leadsom should accept. Between 1965, when the system that Ian Macleod described as the “magic circle” was abolished, and 1998, when that dangerous radical William Hague gave the members a say, Tory MPs chose their leader. They should do so now. Then the party can get on with the task of forming a government without taking the risk that its membership is as far from political credibility as the Labour Party’s.

Yesterday, as Mrs Leadsom toured the television studios telling interviewers that she would absolutely tell Vladimir Putin to stop if he got a bit uppity and taking questions on her questionable curriculum vitae, Tim Loughton MP led a march from her rally to Parliament Square, chanting leaden Leadsom slogans along the way. As I watched the Leadsom march on Westminster I had a dream, of a deputy investment bod from a fund management company who voted both for and against gay marriage becoming prime minister. This was a delicious parallel to last Monday when, as Labour MPs gathered in parliament to declare his leadership defunct, Mr Corbyn chose to address a rally in the square outside. With the MPs lost, he took refuge in the members.

The Tories are choosing a prime minister and it would be a disaster if they did the same as Labour. It is, in any case, a democratic outrage that the next prime minister will be chosen by the 0.3 per cent of the electorate who happen to be odd enough to be members of the Conservative Party. Can any of them, I wonder, see the irony of their regular sermons about the lack of “democracy” in the EU? Probably not. These are people who have taken hold of the wrong end of the stick in order to beat the country with it. The candidate of their looking-glass world is the wholly ill-prepared Mrs Leadsom.

Just over 2 per cent of the nation are members of a political party. These members are not representative even of the people who vote for their party, let alone of the nation. They have no monopoly on the idea of democracy, which does not stop at the constituency meeting. Political parties are not sacrosanct organisations that bend to the whims of their votaries. They are simply useful agencies for gathering collective opinion. They have to look up as well as down, at the stars and not just the gutter. We will have to trust that the Tory members in the shires will do that.


Dunno really. I tend to think that chess club members get to choose the officers and leaders of the chess club. Tory party members get to choose the leader of the Tory party.

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Why Survation and the Daily Mirror failed to publish the poll that showed the Conservatives on course for victory

The polls got it wrong. The Conservative Party won the General Election. But one poll you never saw was spot on-ish:

The polling firm Survation admitted that its final poll showed the Conservatives with a lead of 37 percent to 31 percent over the Labor Party – almost the exact final result.

Survation’s Damian Lyon’s explains:

We had flagged that we were conducting this poll to the Daily Mirror as something we might share as an interesting check on our online vs our telephone methodology, but the results seemed so “out of line” with all the polling conducted by ourselves and our peers – what poll commentators would term an “outlier” – that I “chickened out” of publishing the figures – something I’m sure I’ll always regret.

The Daily Mirror – that’s the Labour-supporting newspaper…

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Why Have The Tories Been Hiding All Their Speeches Under Their Beds?


ONCE, politicians were thrilled with their speeches. They’d be written down and shared and MPs would pat themselves on the back, all the way to the House of Lords.

However, the Conservatives have been acting really weird and looking for all the world like they’re ashamed of their past.

They have attempted to erase a record of all party speeches from the internet; the ones given in the decade before they came to power. What are they up to?

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Tory Chris Steward should donate his body to a food bank

TO York, where Chris Steward, a Conservative councillor, has views:

“We have lots of poor people, but living standards have surged over the years. There is certainly no need for food banks; no-one in the UK is starving and I think food banks insult the one billion in the world that go to bed hungry every day and ignore the fact a child dies of hunger every three seconds.”

He goes on:

“The fact some give food to food banks, merely enables people who can’t budget (an issue where schools should do much more and I have said the council should) or don’t want to, to have more money to spend on alcohol, cigarettes etc.”

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Dear God the Tories Can Be Stupid Sometimes: Cameron Wants A UK Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac

THE latest brainfart from David Cameroan and Number 10: the government’s housing strategy, to be launched on Monday, will also include:

• A new scheme, running to hundreds of millions of pounds, to underwrite a small percentage of mortgages for “new-build” homes. The scheme is designed to reduce the size of a deposit, particularly for first-time buyers, by shifting the “loan-to-value” ratio. Banks are currently demanding deposits of up to 20% of the value of a property from first-time buyers.

If the housing market suffered a severe downturn, the taxpayer could ultimately be responsible for a part of the loss under the scheme. But homebuyers would first lose their deposits and the loss to the taxpayer would be shared with the bank.

This has been tried before. By the Americans: remember them? The people who had the most enormous, gigantic, housing bust just a couple of years back? The one that crippled all the banks? That’s the ones, sure you remember them.

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Morrissey Talks About David Cameron, Like You Care

MORRISSEY, rock’s longest face, has refuted claims that he banned suet faced Prime Minister David Cameron from his dressing room at a concert.

The fact is, Mozza probably didn’t have to ban Cameron from his shows because the coalition leader will have no doubt been sneered at by bespectacled Smiths fans, all pathetically grazing his back with their well thumbed Morrissey scrapbooks, pomade and NHS hearing aids.

Seeing as Cameron is a Tory, he’s completely oblivious to criticism. You could call him the most unspeakable insult right to his puddingy head, and he’d spin it into some kind of discourse about something so tedious, that you’ll end up killing yourself at his feet, which he’d then use as encouragement to carrying the devastating cuts, as tribute to you.

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Conservative Councillor Banned From Wearing Clothes That Might Expose His Genitals

PETER Goody, 62, a naturist and Conservative councillor at Snaresbrook on Redbridge Council, did not expose himself to a nine-year-old girl while cutting a hedge in his swimming trunks.

At Waltham Forest Magistrates Court,  Mr Goody, says:

“I put swimming trunks on, simply because it seemed the sensible thing to do. I was aware that they did have the tendency to slip. I decided that if they did slip down, I would hitch them up.”

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British Muslims Say Vote Conservative To The Tune Of ‘I Vow To Thee, My Country’

THE Ribble Valley Tories send a racist joke and those with a vested interest say all Tories are bigots. Then there are those who say all Muslims are the enemy of the English.

And then the Muslims appear.

They are not gurning loons screaming at pigeons in the precinct, demanding Sharia law and that all Jews, gays and Christians must die by a thousand cuts.

They are, well… They are one nation Tories…

To the tune of “I vow to thee, my country“…


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The Truth About The Secret Conservatives And The Christians

THE election looms, and while Gordon Brown preaches, the left-wing and LibDem press work on a theory that the Conservatives and Conservatives are in a plot. Richard Bartholomew investigates:

TODAY’S Observer has an article on Christian support for the Conservative Party ahead of the UK election. The article is preposterously headlined “Secret Christian donors bankroll Tories”; this is absurd because the donors discussed are hardly “secret”, either as regards the money they have donated or their religious faith:

An analysis of the Tories’ accounts reveals that a string of powerful Christian businessmen are helping bankroll the party, with many making significant donations in the days after the election campaign started.

Former investment banker Ken Costa, who gave £50,000 last month, is the chairman of Alpha International, an organisation that promotes the hugely popular Alpha course that has introduced millions of people to Christianity.

Michael Farmer, who founded a metals brokerage, gave £250,000 last month and has donated similar sums several times in the past. A self-made multi-millionaire, Farmer says he is happy to carry the “God squad” label. In a recent interview, he explained that he was backing the Tories because Labour “has governed incredibly badly”…

That’s “a string” of two, and their donations are a matter of public record.

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The Election In Pictures: Ed Balls Hots Pants’ Lobotomy

THE Election in pictures: April 12, 2010, and Gordon Brown pops on a hard hat; The Conservatives get a lobotomy in Ormskirk, Merseyside; David Cameron is a Chubby chaser; Nick Clegg puckers up; and Vince Cable, the most over-hyped man in the world right now, develops a halo; and Ed Balls hosts off his hot pants…


Picture 1 of 15

Grafitti which has been spray painted onto a Conservative Party poster on a roadside billboard in Ormskirk, Merseyside.

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The Big Cs: David Cameron Gives You Cancer, Just Like Maggie Did

ANORAK was ahead of the game when we told you that David Cameron’s Conservatives give your cancer. A few days later and news breaks that Labour has sent letters to 250,000 women warning them that the a vote for Dave is a vote for cancer.

Daily Mirror: Tories Give You Cancer And David Cameron’s Bad Hair In Bournemouth

Some recipients already had cancer, probably because Maggie Thatcher gave it to them.

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Vote Labservatice For More Of The Same Cameron – Bown Arrogance

TODAY is the day that the feed-in tariff comes into operation, a bribe to the well-off to install massively inefficient micro-electricity generation which is expected to cost the rest of us £8 billion a year through our electricity bills.

The Conservative response to this lunacy is not only to support it, but to extend it, potentially bringing the annual cost to £60 billion a year.

That, and much more marks out the Conservatives as unfit to govern – an attribute they share with the Labour Party. On all crucial issues, from membership of the EU, to defence, energy, climate change, education, the NHS, the choice is between a Tory train wreck and a Labour train wreck.

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Tories Unveil New Election Posters: Gordon Brown Weeps for Britain

8371275ELECTION 2010: We were there to see David Cameron – is he getting shinier? – unveil the Tories new poster aimed to woo Labour voters to the Blue.

This was all one day on from the most god-awful display of mawkish sentimentality displayed by a politician since one MP stuck on an Our Maddie ribbon and said, “I’m ready for my close up.”

Gordon told us that he lost an eye playing rugby – who knew? Gordon – and it is always Gordon – is so stoic he’s only mentioned it 3,254 times.

He also told us about the loss of a child and the camera panned to Sarah Brown – who in between dates with jobbing celebs looked into the hearts of viewers in a way that spake unto us: “This is Gordon. This is my Gordon. You think he’s a power-mad **** who sent your children into a stupid war, raided your pensions, led us into bust and presided over a corrupt political elite. But he lost his eye playing rugby. And he’ knows all the words to Ben 10.”

Forget the posters, Cameron – just play Gordon Brown talking to Piers Morgan on interactive hoardings and a web telly loop…



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Conservatives Ban Teaching Of God And AGW Global Warming In Schools, Goldie Hawn Consulted

goldie-hawnDAVID Cameron’s shiny Conservatives are talking with Goldie Hawn about education in British schools.

Shadow Children’s Secretary Michael Gove says he is also talking to the French government and a Swedish schools chain. Exciting times in education as Gove gets to use his schoolboy French. And Gove also met with Goldie Hawn, who’s not only a top Hollywood star but runs the Hawn Foundation:

The fifteen lesson MindUP™ curriculum uniquely incorporates the brain science associated with each lesson concept so that children also learn how their thoughts and actions affect their brain and how their brain affects their thoughts and actions.

MindUP™ is also a teaching model, so its concepts are readily integrated into a teacher or school’s existing academic lesson plans.

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Boris Johnson Exposes Jeremy Paxman’s BBC Agenda

matt-hackTHE Tory Party conference is much like the Labour Party Conference, only with better suits and broadcast by a BBC unable to hide its bias.

Before we see Jeremy Paxman’s hideous interview with London mayor Boris Johnson, in which Paxman looked like a sneery head boy sucking up to a more popular pupil while seeking to exert a superiority that was patently lacking, Tory Bear brings us this:

Sunny Hundal, head honcho of Liberal Conspiracy, says:

“There needs to be an increasing drive towards investigative blogging, finding news and digging up dirt on the opposition. Just writing opinion is no longer enough. Left-wing blogging has to focus on two things: collating and publishing news, and doing distributed investigative journalism. More on this another time.

Not only will it get dirty and partisan – I’d say that is exactly where we need to be.”

Dirty and partisan eh?

Last time Tory Bear heard anyone recommend that as a game plan it was our dear Derek, and that didn’t go too well.

Now for that interview, in which wealthy civil servant Paxman tries to pour scorn on David Cameron because he is, er, wealthy and therefore might actually understand how money works and its value:

Image: The excellent Matt Buck

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Wiping Away The Laughing BNP

nick-griffinRICHARD North looks past the bombast and the hype surrounding the BNP’s electoral gains and sees that the best way to sideline the BNP is to elect their leader Nick Griffin to a remote political outpost in a foreign field:

“THE British National Party achieved its most significant electoral breakthrough last night when it won two seats in the European Parliament.”

That is the view of the august London Times – a value judgement rather than a straight reporting of fact. What, after all, does “significant” mean?

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Top Tories Put Shit On Expenses

pig-in-shitIN Top Tories Put Shit On Expenses, Anorak readers learn not how Tory Lords claimed for each shit they took in an official capacity, at work or in their second homes. No, that would be taking the piss.

This is to do with former minister David Heathcoat-Amory,who claimed £380 for horse shit.

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Tory MP’s Son Impaled On Metal Spike

EDINBURGH University student Oliver Mundell – whose father is Conservative MP David Mundell – was climbing over a fence in the city’s George Square so he could build a snowman with friends when he slipped.

A metal spike passed through his foot. He was young Tory kebab.

Come the revolution. Tsk! Where’s your compassion now?

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Ann Widdecombe Taxi Fail

ANN Widdecombe is seen talking about her long walk because of lack of taxis – as an empty taxi goes by.

Would it stop for Ann? Would you?

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Cameron’s Conservatives Pan For Gold In Japanese Sewage

IN Japan, the local pass gold in their stools. Muck and brass. To the sewerage plant in Nagano prefecture, northwest of Tokyo

And the workers are panning for gold. David Cameron, pay attention:

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Kenneth Clarke Is Cameron’s Golden Legacy Of Brown Past

KENNETH Clarke is back on the Tory front line. He is now an ally of David Cameron. Of course, they have always been bezzy mates, as Richard North notes:

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Baby George Osbourne’s New Tory Advert

IS that George Osbourne the Younger starring in a new Tory advert?



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