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Obama Plans To Import 100m Middle East Muslims To United States, Source Says

BARACK Obama’s plan is to save the Middle East by relocating the region to Washington, Montana and and any empty office space in New York. Richard Bartholomew writes on the latest Obama conspiracy theory:

DAVID Corn has some fun with conspiracy theorist Avi Lipkin:

…here’s the mother of all right-wing conspiracy theories: Obama is scheming to bring tens of millions of Muslims—perhaps up to 100 million—from the Middle East into the United States in order to turn this country into an Islamic nation by the end of his second term.

Fortunately, this diabolical plan has been exposed by an American-born Israeli named Avi Lipkin, who says he once was a translator for the Israeli government, and an outfit called Special Guests, which books conservative commentators and advocates on popular television and radio talk shows. Lipkin’s website claims that since 1990 he has lectured on various topics—including the threat of Islam and Israel—in over 1000 churches and synagogues in the United Sates, Canada, England, Greece, Israel, and other countries. His bio notes that he heads the Judeo-Christian Bible Bloc party in Israel.

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Posted: 26th, February 2011 | In: Politicians | Comment