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Nigella Lawson Will Not Be Losing Any Weight Anytime Soon, Okay?

WOMEN! Are you ‘curvy’? That’s cool. Curves are all well and good. Unless, of course, you’re one of those hideous simpletons who consider ‘curvy’ women to be ‘real’, therefore rendering thinner women ‘fictional’.

See, there’s been a propensity for some gals to throw ‘curvy’ at everyone, usually due to the fact that they’re imagining that everyone thinks they’re fat. For the most part, people are lost in their own daydreams and couldn’t care less about the weight of other humans, leaving all talk of ‘I’m fine with my weight ACTUALLY!’ looking like a hang-ups klaxon.

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Posted: 26th, April 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comments (2)