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The epic Douglas Cork playground typo

THE Douglas Cork playground has been renamed by popular demand:

douglas cork



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The Great Cork Piddle Riddle: 237 Coca Cola Bottles Full Of Urine Found In Field

SOMEONE is drinking a lot of Coca Cola in Gyntown, Ireland. But who? And why have they used 237 empty 500ml bottles as urine recepticles? And why have the bottles been dumped in a ditch? It’s such a big deal that the Cork Independent is offering a €50 reward for anyone with “hard evidence” about the felon’s identity.

It is the Glanmire  piddle riddle.And it has reached the very highest levels. Labour councillor, Noel Costello, wonders:

“If someone had been caught short, they would have gone in a ditch. This is very strange.”

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Six Dead At Cork Airport: Martin McGuinness Not Among Them

SIX people are dead at Cork Airport. A plane crashed in fog. Six others were injured as the turbo prop aircraft with 10 passengers and two crew was travelling from Belfast City Airport on a Manx2 commuter flight.

The Mail says:

Sin Fein’s Martin McGuinness was due to take doomed flight that crashed in Cork but changed plans at the last minute [sic]

Six dead but the Mail focuses on one who remains alive. 

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