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Penzance: How The Market Jew Got His Illuminated Christmas Knickers

penzance pant lights

WHAT do you see when you view the Christmas lights in Penzance, Cornwall.

Some see Christmas puddings.

Others see leopard print underwear dangling from a washing line.

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Ramblers trapped between two bulls in Cornwall (video)

BULLFIGHTING has yet to catch on in Altarnun, Cornwall. Jennifer O’Malley and Dave Alden were rambling when a bull spotted them. It charged. They climbed a stile to escape. But on the other side stood an second bull.

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Weatherman is washed away in Cornwall floods

JAMIE Giddens – Weatherman for Hire – has been washed away in the floods in Cornwall:

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Cornwall Flood Photos Make Us All Feel Happier: David Cameron Can Sleep Easy

FORGET David Cameron’s happiness index: if you want to be better just enjoy looking at other people suffering. Fat-mocking, poo sniffer Gillian McKeith falling apart on I’m A Celebrity. Ha-ha! David Cameron losing his hair. Ho-ho! An earthquake in Haiti. Great stuff. So, here are some photos of the flash floods in Cornwall that has caused suffering and damage just for Christmas. Look its; on the telly. Brilliant! Ok, not great for the people of Cornwall, but if the telly’s still working, McKeith’s on the stocks box at 9pm…


Picture 1 of 9

A workman attempting to clear the drains empties his boots of water in St Blazey, Cornwall where flooding has closed the village off and caused havoc.

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LibDems Demand Respect For Greasy Haired Twats

c_stuart_cullimoreTHE Liberal Democrats’ Anna Pascoe, Lib Dem candidate for Cornwall Council elections on 4 June, has sent out a pamphlet calling Mebyon Kernow candidate Stuart Cullimore a “greasy-haired twat“.

We make no comment on Mr Cullimore, who is said to be considering his response. But we must note that greasy haired twats are a group that has long been abused.

A spokesman for the Respect Greasy Haired Twats Focus Group, a Mr. C. Ronaldo, says that for too he and his kin have been suffering abuse. It has to stop. If, as expected, Baron Baker of Dorking champions the cause, then their will questions in the House.

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Fire At Will Lewis: Jasper Gerrard Bombs In Padstein’s Cornwall

THERE’S something of the Gaza Strip in Cornwall, says Jasper Gerard in the Telegraph:

It is not quite Palestine, but “Padstein” can also be pretty dangerous – and not merely due to the constant shelling we face with the fruits de mer. Padsteinians, so named thanks to Rick Stein’s takeover of Padstow, were already running the gauntlet with a constant bombardment of oysters at Stein’s restaurant, Seafood.

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PC Osama Bin Laden: Terror Chief Joins Cornwall Liberation Army

IT’S the seventh anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers.

And the tabloid press have saved their story of Chief Supt Colin Terry’s decision to dress up as Osama bin Laden.

The Express (front page) says Terry is being “investigated” (and not just by the tabloids) for his “inappropriate and unacceptable” actions when last Saturday he dressed up as Bin Laden for the village fete in Grampound, Cornwall.

That’s Mr Terry “having the time of his life” stood among the jam jars and face painters. But better than this is Mr Terry’s apology:

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