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Costa Concordia: Captain Schettino’s wife Fabiola Russo tells all

COSTA Concordia: Fabiola Russo is married to Captain Francesco Schettino, the man who may or may not be a coward. In stressful times – her husband faces possible charges of wrecking a ship, manslaughter and abandoning ship (under house arrest, he denies any wrongdoing) – Fabiola Russo does as she must: she speaks to Oggi, the Italian glossy magazine.

Russo and Schettino and their 17-year-old daughter live in Meta di Sorrento near Naples. Says she (google translate):

“My husband has been transformed into a global media event, unprecedented. He loves ships, in-depth knowledge, has never ceased to study them, wanting to know the limits and behaviour. You are never limited to the helm. For this to his crews have always been a point of reference, a teacher. It is decided, firm and shiny, analyzes situations, understands and knows the deal. ”

True enough. We do not know what happened. We do not know who took the decision to get the ship from the collision point to shallow water and ground her so she did not sink in very deep water.

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