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Football Balls: Spurs manager Andre Vill-Boas races from Paris and Ryan Giggs begins his Manchester United Countdown

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FOOTBALL Balls: Anorak’s look at summertime reporting of the national game. Today we look at non-sequiturs.

The first features Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas, the subject of an article in the Times called “End of an aura at Manchester United, says André Villas-Boas”.

The Spurs coach says without Fergie, United are vulnerable:

“The aura that Sir Alex had, David Moyes does not yet have,” Villas-Boas said. “This could have a direct influence on the players of Manchester and their opponents. United had, because of Sir Alex’s history of winning, an aura of invincibility.

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Countdown overrun by filth and immigrants

COUNTDOWN is still on Channel 4. Today’s Countdown Conundrum is “RAMMINGIT”. The answer is slightly less filthy, more dirty and threatening, especially to Daily Express and Daily Mail readers:

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Countdown Anaslam: Nintendo Wii Abuses Players

PEOPLE playing a Nintedndo Wii version of Countdown are “SHITHEADS”.

Not out view, but that of the game’s makers. But Victoria Smith says she is no “SHITHEADS” and neither is her son Oliver, 3, whom she bought the game for to try to improve his vocabulary by playing the conundrum – a nine-letter anagram for “SHITHEADS”.

The lad puzzled over the anagram “SHAHSITED”. What could it mean? And then the legend was reveled. Of course: “SHITHEADS.”

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Rachel Riley’s Large Baps Get An Airing On Countdown

IS Countdown trying to woo a more adult audience, say, Category C prisoners, or adolescent teenage boys, for whom a dictionary is a means to looks up filthy words and work out how to weave them into a playground incident or a search of Google images? The Countdown conundrum is “LARGEBAPS”. The solution is… “GRASPABLE.” Fnar…

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Student Fails To Get ‘SHITFACED’ On Countdown

THE Countdown word of the day is “SHITFACE”. Rachel Riley, the TV show’s hostess with the least-est, reveals the letters: DTCEIASHF.

Jack Hurst, a Cambridge University maths student, sees the letters and misses the goal. What a WALLY. The word is SHITFACED – uses the ‘D’ and get a score bonus.

(Hurst is the show’s highest ever points scorer, winning 8 shows on the trot and being forced to retire undefeated.)

Susie Dent, of Dictionary Corner, tells presenter Jeff Stelling that shitface is a word used to disrobe a “rude or obnoxious person“. It is acceptable.

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Carol Vorderman, Rachel Riley And The Ice Bucket Romp

CAROL Vorderman’s principled campaign to raise the minimum wage for TV adder uppers and Milfs, has caused outrage in the media labour market.

Steve Roberts was heard to shout “This is for sacking Carol” before pouring a bucket of iced water over Channel 4 daytime boss Helen Warner.

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A Tribute To Rachel Riley’s Countdown Lottery Win

IN honour of Rachel Riley’s elevation to the Countdown teatime treat for the students, journalists, the institutionalised and the bedbound, a comic strip:

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Rachel Riley Is New Face Of Countdown

RACHEL Riley is not Carol Vorderman… One from the bottom please, Rachel…

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