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‘Thieves’ pose with stolen credit card in these photo booth pictures

credit card thieves

ON June 6 a woman reported her credit card missing.  She had last used it in the Crofton area of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. But others had used it later at a Regal Movie Theater.

CCTV showed a few teens using the card to pay tor tickets. But it was hard to see their faces clearly. Happily, the fools then used the credit card to pay for a photo booth session. They posed for this series of pictures.

To help police further, one of the gang held up the ‘missing’ credit card in two of the photos.

The pictures are digital, meaning a copy is stored on the booth’s computer hardware.

Yeah, that racy picture you took of you are your lover at it in the photo box… Engineeer Billy has it as his screen saver.

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