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Zoo owner fed his thumb to pet crocodile Macca during feeding show

hat crocodile


“He had a chicken in one hand, and he was trying to get the attention of Macca the crocodile with his hat, holding it in his left hand,” says RACQ Careflight spokesman Brian Russell of Ian Jenkins, owner of the Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo. Mr Jenkins had been playing with his pet crocodile to entertineing the crowds.

“Unfortunately the crocodile has come up and bitten the hat and his hand and has unfortunately amputated his left thumb. The crocodile actually dragged the handler under the water. He suffered a significant hand injury and … he also had a fairly sizeable laceration to his head.”

“It is as simple as Macca took a swipe at him and actually connected,” says Ian’s wife Barbara. “I do know his left hand is badly damaged … we had another person in the enclosure – if it wasn’t for her quick thinking getting the attention away from Ian it would have been worse.”

The quality of Mr Jenkins’ chickens is not known, but when your crocodiles prefer to eat a hat, it’s time for a new recipe…

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Crocodile spotted in River Thames

AGAIN, we find ourselves looking at a world where animals are slowing taking over Earth, presumably so they can enslave us and eventually start wearing us as coats and turning our beautiful flesh into tinned meat.

The latest scare story from the world of nature is that a cyclist has claimed to have seen a crocodile in the River Thames. A horrible, non-blinking, tearless tooth-machine, ready to gnaw at your bonce and swallow your children.

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Brilliant drunk idiot tries to ride a crocodile (with unsurprising consequences)

SOMETIMES, drunks are a gift that keep giving. Most of the time, they chat nonsense and puke up on their fried chicken, but sometime, they’re worth their weight in wobbling gold.

Take the drunkard in Australia who just about survived his little escapade when he tried to ride a crocodile.

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Crocodile Shoe: British Tourists Eaten In Australia

ARTHUR Booker – “Tragic Arthur Booker” – is in the Australian outback on holiday. His wife Doris is sleeping.

He wakes early to check his crab pots on the bank of the Endeavour River.

He does not return. Doris awakens and finds the crab pot rope snapped, large crocodile slidemarks and the couple’s new video camera, Arthur’s watch and a single shoe.

Is this a John Stonehouse moment, we wonder?

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