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Hooters staff helps set lads straight at Boy Scouts of America camp

How can Boy Scouts of America ensure the lads grow into full-blooded leering heterosexual males who like breasts and more breasts, and don’t fancy men? Boy Scouts of America had a ban on gay leaders, but that was lifted in 2015 amid howls of outrage. So how else could boys be kept on message? The Boy Scouts of America Denver Area Council had an idea: Hooters. It invited waitresses from the Hooters tits and tacos restaurant chain to meet, greet and give ruby dreams to cubsters at the Frontier District Day Camp.


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Scouting for girls


“It’s just the philosophies of the two organisations are polar opposites and I just don’t think they should be together,” says Marsha Corn, a “concerned parent”, who is of course utterly wrong. Unless the waitresses are gay? In which case, sorry boys, the ladies are out of reach.



Posted: 5th, July 2016 | In: Reviews | Comment