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Cumbria’s Tommy Mattinson is the World Gurning Champion for the 15th year running

AS Sharon Osbourne has taught us, one expression can get you a long way in showbiz. So it is for Cumbria’s Tommy Mattinson, who is the World Gurning Champion for the 15th year running.

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Cumbria news special: Simply Red Singer’s uncle releases memoirs

WHAT news from Cumbria:

cumbria news

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Edward Steel’s Cumbria Holme House Farm Is No Dale Farm: It’s Not Ethnic Enough And It’s Too Far From London

THE 15 homes made from recycled static caravans on Edward Steel’s Holme House Farm near Kendal in Cumbria have to be demolished. They do not have planning permission. Mr Steele tried to get it retrospectively, but was denied. Nineteen people still live in the homes. But they have to go.

In 2010, a public inquiry was held. Lawyers for South Lakeland District Council branded the place a “ramshackle hamlet“.

Said Mr Steel:

“I don’t want to evict people, to make them homeless, especially for Christmas. I will be putting a revised plan in. I don’t know what they’re [South Lakeland District Council] going to do, but I’ve got from now till end of March to reinstate all this ground, so all they can do is evict the tenants.”

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Appleby Horse Fair 2011: Photos Of The Travellers’ Horse Power

TO Appleby for the Horse Fair by the River Eden, Cumbria.  Oh, scene of bucolic wonder.

Life is not all about cars and technology – well, not unless you get a decent price for your horse and can buy a 52-inch telly and an iPad….


Picture 1 of 10

People in Appleby wash their horses in the River Eden ready for them to be sold at the Appleby Horse Fair, the annual gathering of gypsies and travellers in Appleby, Cumbria.

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Derrick Bird: Drugs, Self-Harm And Paul Goodwin

DERRICK Bird. Anorak’s at -a-glace look at the mass murderer in the news: drugs, Paul Goodwin, self harm, suicide and Cumbria Kills…

Daily Telegraph: “Cumbria shootings: Derrick Bird ‘showed suicidal tendencies before massacre’”

We know this because Bird killed himself, Bird had scratches on his arm and the Telegraph has called a vested interest group:

The 52-year-old killer had cuts on his arms which seem to ahve been inflicted some time ago. Steve Lax, from Self Injury Support, a charity helping people who self harm, says:

“There are photos suggesting he had cutting issues.”

So says the expert. And if you are looking for yet another reason as why Bird did it, here’s another one: Cumbria:

Cumbria has the second highest suicide rate in Britain – 56 in the last 12 months. Incidents of self harm are 26 per cent above average.

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