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Sex And The City 2 London Premiere Pictures: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Royal Weave

TO the London Premiere of Sex And The City 2 – twice as good as Sex And The City 1. Sex And The City 2 will put lead in your writer’s pencil and show us that if Sarah Jessica Parker can be a sex symbol, then so can you, my shabby, slack-jawed friend. Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrall and Kristin Davis looked on as Sarah Jessica Parker put John Travolta’s weave on her head, (unwoven and bedazzled with ‘London diamonds’ of pigeon appreciation).

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Also there: Chris Noth, Amanda Holden dressed a demented fairy, the ubiquitous Jamie Winstone wearing the old ball and chain, Tess Daly, Daisy Lowe dressed as a middle-aged divorcee, Peaches Geldof in tope (skin), Louis Spence going down on Emma Bunton and loadsa fans…

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Sex And The City Actress Champions Abortion For Mothers Day

cynthia-nixonSEX And The City actress Cynthia Nixon is in support of what Tim Graham calls “Abortion Incorporated: the Planned Parenthood Federation of America”.

I am Cynthia Nixon. I am an actor, an activist, a mom, a daughter. But today, I am writing to you about motherhood, on behalf of Planned Parenthood and the many people they serve…

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference and hope you’ll join me.

This Mother’s Day, you can make your gift in honor of someone you love. And the fine folks at Planned Parenthood will send that special person a special card saying you’ve chosen to make a gift to Planned Parenthood Federation of America in her or his name.

You’ll be making a gift to millions of mothers — and to a generation of daughters and sons. What a profound way to mark this day.

Graham puts his point succinctly:

The pitch says nothing about the millions of daughters and sons who have been liquidated in Planned Parenthood facilities.

But even better than his considered thoughts are the commentors on his blog. And do bear in mind that Nixon left the father of ther chidlern to live with a woman.

My son was very little [when it happened], but my daughter has a gay uncle [and her godmothers] are lesbians.”

Now read on:

But I wouldn’t take Cynthia Nixon’s advice for anything. She went from being in a relationship with a man to being in a relationship with a woman and she’s only one space alien abduction away from being Anne Heche – gotham pc

The guiding philosophy of Planned Parenthood is that if you didn’t plan her, kill her. Now there’s a warm message we can all embrace, isn’t it? – KC Mulville

I just puked in my mouth…is she serious??? I say “abortions for everyone”!!!! thats what she should of been saying.
have ya seen the “guy” she with? wow – Charlietexas

Why yes! Send your mom a beautiful card announcing that her grandchild was cut up into little bits and dropped into a plastic bucket!! And then thank her for making you such a strong person. She’ll be so proud – MidAmerica

The only difference between the Holocost [sic] and Abortion, is the age of the victim – Poovey

Agree or disagree there is no hiding the fact that when a celebrity speaks they act as polemicist – however trite their views…

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