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Daily Mail Sparks Midsomer Murders Race War In Worlingham, Suffolk: A Golliwog In The Window

JENNA Mason has been arrested and charged with racially aggravated harassment’ for placing a golliwog in the window of her home. Her next door neighbour in Worlingham, Suffolk, is one Rosemarie O’Donnell. Mrs O’Donnell is black. Mrs Mason is white.

Before this latest episode the pair had been in dispute. Mrs Mason and her husband Terry want to erect stables on their land. Mrs O’Donnell and her husband Stephen are against it.
Says Stephen:

“It’s not a children’s toy. You can see it has buttons and other items on it. It was clearly deliberately placed on the window sill facing out of the window. I do not believe it was casually tossed up there. It has caused immense upset. You live in the countryside and you think you have got away from all this nonsense. I would much rather they went after me with a baseball bat rather than insulting my children and wife. We came to East Anglia because we thought it was beautiful, scenic and very safe with an extremely low level of crime.”

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