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Media Scare Stories: Fantasy Porn, An Iceberg Of Debt And Angina

MEDIA SCARE stories: porn, debt icebergs and killer hearts…


“Fantasy world awash with sex and porn” – Tom Rawstone wonders why a fantasy world lie Second Life is awash with sex and porn and not, say, liver and onions or talcum powder and dole queues..?

“Jobs mayhem and the Great Debt Lie – Mr Brown insists what we can spend our way out of recession because our national debt’s lower than Germany’s. In fact, the official figures are only the tip of a terrifying iceberg of debt that amounts to £1,500 for every family”

“Angina test ‘worthless’” – That all clear… you might be all clear…

More scare stories next week…

Posted: 15th, November 2008 | In: Reviews | Comment

Daily Mail, Daily Wail: Women Should Be Afraid

THE Daily Mail searches horro stories, medical reports and research notes for news, and finally its quest bears dividends:

WHY women have the scariest nightmares”

Well, in today’s Mail:

  • Woman executive ‘strangled in office by former colleague’
  • Midwife shortage is ‘forcing women to risk their lives in dangerous DIY home births’
  • Doomed by mum’s diet: Calorie- cutting during pregnancy ‘puts your baby at risk of obesity in later life’

And many, many more…

Posted: 11th, September 2008 | In: Tabloids | Comment