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Barack Obama’s Tiger Woods’ Diplomacy Hides The Dalai Lama From China

WHILE you were reading about Israeli forces and MOSSAD maybe taking out a Hamas miltary leader – no, not in bussload of civilians  but in a hit that owes more to Austin Powers than James Bond (we see the faces and the CCTV – how’s that for top secrecy?) China this morning protested over USA President Barack Obama’s meeting yesterday with Tibet’s Delai Lama.

Did you hear about it on the front pages or the headline news? No? The Delia Lama is a totem that politicians meet to make themselves look good. Nelson Mandela is busy.

Tiger Woods’ Women (alleged)

THE calling in of the USA Ambassador for a stiff talking to was expected but unnecessary since when the two Nobel Peace Prize winners met yesterday the Tibetan and Buddhism Spiritual Leader was given the tradesmen’s entrance treatment.

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Posted: 19th, February 2010 | In: Politicians | Comment