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Virginia Roberts sex slave: Bill Clinton’s ‘Lolita Express’ and the Dalai Lama saves Prince Andrew

koo stark

The story of Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts, the womn who claims she had sex with him him when she was Jeffrey Epstein’s underage sex slave, has slipped down the news cycle.

Randy Andy seems to have brushed the scare off. Indeed, the London Gazette says Andrew will be made a vice-admiral in the Royal Navy when he turns 55 next week. (And, no, that’s not a pun.)

Over in the Daily Mail, one of Andrew’s former lovers, Koo ‘Starkers’ Stark, is speaking in his defence. The American-born actress was  26 when she dated the Duke of York after his return from the Falklands War in 1982. They dated er for 18 months. The Duke married Sarah Ferguson in 1986. She says:

“I know too much about the media and the law courts to allow the disgrace of an innocent man. That is why I have decided to reveal some details of my relationship with Andrew. My view is clear: I believe him to be a good man and I believe I can help rebut, with authority, the allegations against him. Prince Andrew is a dear friend and godfather to my daughter. I’ve only known him to be honourable and honest, with Christian values.  I couldn’t shrug off Virginia Roberts’ assassination of his character any more than he has been able to. He was being accused of the very worst kind of behaviour.  The stain on his reputation is spilling across his life like blood from a new wound.”

 It all adds up to nothing much at all. But on she goes breaking “32 years of silence” to tell all:

…my experience of being with Andrew on our first date in Bewicks informed me of the effect he has on any gathering, be it a restaurant, a club or a Royal court.  Conversation drops. Body language changes. There is a bow wave of deference. But Ms Roberts will have us believe this extraordinary hour in Prince Andrew’s life passed unchronicled.

Well, yeah. Do we know everything he does? And, in any case, men of money power cannot be abusers:

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Obama Lama Ding Dong: The Tibet-Washington DC Headline Generator

CAN you own a headline? In response to Barack Obama meeting the Dalai Lama yesterday in White House, and China frowning on that chat, the Sun chimes:


Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 08.01.34


Good to see that in the age of the internet pun-killing headline, some wit can get through the Google news sieve.

But how original is the headline?

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When the Dalia Lama met Prince Charles – photos

TODAY the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall met up with the Dalai Lama at Clarence House, London. Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, is on a tour to promote Buddhism. Sadly, the Free Tibet concert has not forced the Chinese into leaving the Dalai Lama’s home country, meaning he cannot return the hospitality and welcome Charles into his palace. But he could follow Charles on Twitter. The Dalai Lama follows no-one on twitter. Like Eminem, who has never had Chalre sin his home, either…


Picture 1 of 16

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall greet the Dalai Lama (centre) at Clarence House, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday June 20, 2012. Charles is a long-time supporter of the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader who is seen by China as a separatist threat. Since the heir to the throne last met the Dalai Lama, he has held discussions with China's president Hu Jintao, raising the subject of Tibet with the leader during talks in London in 2009. The senior Buddhist figure arrived at Clarence House in a chauffeur-driven car and as he stepped into the doorway of the historic home the heir to throne appeared. Charles threw up his arms then placed his hands together in a prayer sign before hugging the Dalai Lama and sharing a few words with the spiritual figurehead. See PA story ROYAL Charles. Photo credit should read: Gareth Cattermole/PA Wire

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Karl Stefanovic Tells The Dalai Lama The World’s Greatest Joke (Video)

WITH Nelson Mandela’s lounge now closed to sycophants and celebs wanting a photo op with a man of peace, it falls upon the Dalai Lama to be the got- man for anyone wanting to look better. He’s been meeting with Australian Channel Nine presenter Karl Stefanovic. Karl tells him a gag. This might well be the greatest joke ever told:

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Dalai Lama Tours Ireland: Photos Of China’s Kindly Public Enemy No. 1

THE Dalai Lama – No.2 to Nelson Mandela on the list of people celebrities like to meet – has been at the Citywest Hotel Dublin. This is his first trip to Ireland in 20 years. He walked with his close friend Richard Moore, who was blinded by a rubber bullet in Northern Ireland as a child.

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Dalai Lama Edits Toronto Star Newspaper: Rupert Murdoch Feels The Compassion (Video)

THE Dalai Lama edited the Toronto Star newspaper today.

Says the teaser:

Watch how he put his compassion into the paper

Rupert Murdoch is not watching:

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Lady Dalai Lama: Sir Paul McCartney Takes Over Buddhism

SIR Paul McCartney is “riffing” on life as a vegetarian, life as the driving force of the Beatles Political Party and how he wrote the lyrics to all the Beatles best songs, tunes like Baby You can Drive My Cab, Back In The CCCP and Farthing Lane.

(Image: Beau Bo D’Or website)

Sir Paul’s sole regret is that John Lennon is not here to agree.

Now Sir Paul is reminding the Dalai Lama what it is to be a Buddhist and how wrong it is to eat meat.

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