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Teacher Dale Irby wears same outfit to school for 40 years

Retired gym teacher Dale Irby

DALE Irby is the gym teacher who found a look that worked and went with it. From his first yearbook photo in 1973 at Prestonwood Elementary school, Texas, to 2013, Mr Irby wore the same outfit.

To begin with it was an accident. In the 1970s, brown was pretty much the only colour a man was permitted to wear. In 1973, Mr Irby wore his ubiquitous brown tank top over a light brown shirt for the school photo. In 1974, he was still wearing it for the next snapshot.

His wife  noticed. She dared him to wear the same outfit every year. For one thing it would funny. For another, it would keep his weight down.

It became a theme.

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Posted: 3rd, July 2013 | In: Fashion, Reviews | Comment (1)