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Ronan Keating, Dancer Francine Cornell And Pictures

RONAN Keating, the one with interesting hair from Boyzone, is no longer with his wife, the fragrant Yvonne. The tabloids go to work.

The Mirror says this is “a story to shock every woman in Britain.” Tom Bryant tells us:

Or as the same paper’s 3am Girls wonder:

Yep, so apparently Ronan was cheating on his wife with a dancer. Is anyone capable of feeling shocked anymore?

Yes, Every woman in Britain is capable of being shocked. And they are. Says Bryant:

Ronan Keating has split from his wife after confessing he had an affair while on tour.

Bryant’s story is an “exclusive”.

Or as the Sun screams form it front page:


Yes, because, as Tom Bryant told us, Keating’s been cheating. What say Gordon Smart and Brian Flynn in, er, “Was Ronan Cheating?”.

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Posted: 21st, May 2010 | In: Celebrities | Comment (1)