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David Beckham and Danny Cipriani: you can’t be victim if you’re famous

Is it a crime to be famous? This week, two stories about blackmail have occupied the Sun’s front page.

The first is the matter of messages hacked from a server that handles David Beckham’s emails. The hackers wanted money to make the ‘leaks’ go away. The company being targeted complained and the emails were delivered to a site that specialises in ‘leaked’ material.

In a few emails, David Beckham allegedly uses industrial language to complain about his lack of a knighthood. He comes out of it badly. But he’s the victim, right? We love the chatter and the details, but surely we can agree that he’s a victim of an apparent crime?

We love to learn that Beckham obtained a high court injunction in December 2016 blocking the emails’ publication in the Sunday Times – a waste of money and effort given that overseas organs published the stuff online. One Romanian outlet detailed Beckham’s ‘angry pursuit of a knighthood’, which included, as the Guardian notes, the former footballer allegedly calling the gong-givers “a bunch of cunts” after he was overlooked for the honour.

It’s all a good read. We can an insight into Beckham’s non-choreographed activities. But he’s the victim.


david beckham emails david beckham emails the emails beckham david


The second story is on Danny Cipriani, a rugby player. He was blackmailed by a stripper he impregnated. The story goes that he agreed to give her some money for a termination but then failed to cough up. Lisa Murphy, for it is she, had the abortion. When she was forced to miss work, due to health complications, she asked him for money, which again he did not pay. Murphy and her colleague, Violet Smith, 29, then threatened to go to the papers with the story, namely to The Sun on Sunday. Cipriani called the police.

And how does the Sun cover the story?


cipriani rugby danny


Is the law different if you’re famous?


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In the celebrity Petri Dish with Kelly Brook, Cheslea’s Ashley Cole, Danny Cipirani and Katie Price fan Jemma Henley

article-2050457-0E6D3C6E00000578-686_468x702READERS may recall the name Jemma Henley from the Daily Mail’s story “Ashley Cole’s ‘three-month affair’ with a contestant on Katie Price’s model show”.

The mother-of-three has said of her protegee: ‘She has fierce model written all over her.”

Well, you pick your surgeons and tattoo artists and you take your chances.

You may also recall her Jemma from a 2005 TV about  US Brat Camps and this 2011 report in the Oxford Mail:

A FORMER wild child teenager whose behaviour shocked TV viewers has marked turning her life around by getting a tattoo of her idol… the 22-year-old, who was expelled from five schools but has since posed for Nuts, Zoo, Maxim and Loaded, has had a full-length portrait of Jordan tattooed on her right arm.

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Katie Price’s Knobs And Knockers: Jordan Launches Search For Girls Next (2) Doors

ANOTHER day and with it another door for Katie Price to stand by.

Recently Katie was spotted by the front door belonging to a pal of former Kelly Brook lover Danny Cipriani. Now, she has been spotted near to Danny Caprirani’s front door.

Anorak notices a Tumblr blog or meme in the making: Katie Price’s Life By Doors, a coffee table reader in which the nation’s biggest knockers stand by the country’s most famous doors.

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Katie Price, Danny Cipriani Are Pranny: An OK! Love Story

“WHEN Katie Price has Leandro Penna’s name inked on her ankle earlier this year, it seems she’d finally found love.” So writes OK! editor Lisa Byrne.

“But last week Katie confirmed they had split and just days later she was snapped leaving the house of a pal of rugby heart-throb Danny Cipriani. So what exactly is going in her love life.”

Well, we’d guess she had been over to see a pal of rugby heart-throb Danny Cipriani to talk about God and the end of the world being nigh?

OK! has other ideas and thunders on its cover:

“KATIE LOVES DANNY – the first interview since going public. Their secret’s out!”

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Soccer Aid In Pictures: Robbie Williams, Zidane And Woody Harrelson’s Urine

THE 2010 Soccer Aid match at Old Trafford as watched for 25 minutes by Anorak before we realised it wasn’t the World Cup. No diving, you see. And no drugs tests. No need – Woody Harrelson was there. And Olly Murs is more mobile than Ledley King. This is pro-celeb football. The team as England took on The Rest of the World:


Picture 1 of 16

Woody Harrelson prepares to teake his penalty during the 2010 Socceraid match at Old Trafford

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The British Fashion Awards: In Pictures

TO the British Fashion Awards at London’s Royal Courts of Justice, London. We watched and knitted as the accused passed us by. They came to be tried for crimes against fashion and fat. The court calls: Victoria Beckham (glum), Amber le Bon (famous mum), Claudia Schiffer (adopted German), Lauren Laverne (BBC), Amanda Wakeley (fashion enabler), Myleene Klass (ubiquitous), Holly Branson (daddy), Sarah Brown (hubby), Sam Branson (pater), Isabella Calthorp (money), Laura Bailey (Pout of the night award!), Danny Cipriani (rugger), Jameela (telly), Beverley Knight (songs), Erin O’Connor (top toff model), Pixie Geldof (dadday), James Brown (dead?), Shingai Shoniwa (Shinga the singa), Tolula Adeyemi (chant), Nadja Swarovski (fake rocks), Kate Moss and Vivienne Westwood (peas in a pod). How do you plead?


Picture 1 of 33

(left to right) Kate Moss and Vivienne Westwood after Moss won the London 25 British Fashion Council Award at the Royal Courts of Justice, London.

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Lily Allen Watch: Beckham Breakdance, Throttle Cipriani And Pitt Cereal

LILY Allen Watch: Anorak’s look at the day’s top/ most pointless celebrity news stories…

THe Beckhams:

“Cruz, three, showed off his breakdance moves – falling on the floor and swivelling on his bottom”Martin Phillips, the Sun’s ‘Senior Features Writer’ covers the big news

The Jolie-Pitts

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