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Danny Gans And Michael Jackson’s Iatrogenic Deaths

danny-gansMICHAEL Jackson is dead. Las Vegas performer Danny Gans is dead.  Their deaths were iatrogenic – caused by medical treatment.

As Anroak’s Man in LA, reports on Gans:

“The musical impressionist died at 53 after ingesting a powerful opiate he did not have a prescription for— “drug store heroin” that was given to him by an associate or pusher, or acquired by a doctor under an assumed name. Such illegal activities are currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department in the apparent drug overdose death of superstar entertainer Michael Jackson. The LAPD has reportedly asked federal drug agents to help them find out who was feeding painkillers to 50-year-old Jacko.

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Posted: 3rd, July 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comments (2)