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Dappy Entertains The Kids At Guildford Crown Court

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YOU pick your heroes. Former N-Dubz singer Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, poses for a photograph with a young boy after his sentencing was deferred at Reading Magistrates’ Court.

The BBC:

Dappy has had his sentencing adjourned for punching a man in a row over a woman at a nightclub. The singer attacked Devonn Reid, who told him to stop talking to his female friend and girlfriend, at Evissa in Reading on 6 October last year.

District Judge Davinder Lachhar sent the case to Guildford Crown Court for sentencing.

She said this was because Dappy was given a six-month suspended sentence at the court in 2013.

The singer, who was found guilty of the nightclub assault last month under his real name Costadinos Contostavlos, was given the suspended sentence after being convicted of affray and assault at a Guildford petrol station in 2012.

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N-Dubz – Why The Long Faces?

WHAT did happen to N-Dubz?



Spotter: Brendan O’Neill

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Dappy gets in trouble for showing support to the murderer of Philip Lawrence

HEY! You know what’s a good idea? Being a celebrity and sticking up for someone who murdered headteacher Philip Lawrence! In fact, it is such a good idea to show support for a murderer that you should probably dedicate your pop video to him!

Isn’t that right Dappy?

That’s right. The bluntest spoon in the drawer and former N Dubz warbler, Dappy, in his new single Tarzan 2 (no, honestly), has the message “Free Leo Chindamo” in the opening credits. That’d be Chindamo who was jailed last year after breaching the terms of his licence by meeting a gang member, breaking a curfew and failing a breath test… oh, and stabbing Philip Lawrence outside his school in west London in ’95.

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Dappy fights in petrol station because he’s a gigantic pillock

IDIOTS? The world is teeming with them. One of the best examples of a complete and utter simpleton idiot, is Dappy, the Lord of N-Dubz. Away from the silly hats, the allegations of beating the crap out of a woman while the X Factor was on and showing off his long, thin penis online, he’s responsible for some of the most weak-milk music ever cut to wax.

And now, he’s continuing his idiotic form by getting into a gigantic scrap in a petrol station. Classy.

Our Daps has been arrested on suspicion of affray after the fight which left three men with serious facial injuries. Dappy was dragged into custody along with another man after an incident on the forecourt of the Shell garage in Guildford. It has been reported that Dappy and the 27-year-old man approached two girls and three men and asked the girls to go off with them. He’s famous you see? You can be brazen like that.

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N-Dubz Tulisa To Take Dannii Minogue’s Place On X Factor

BRITAIN at large is transformed when The X Factor rolls into town. Basically, the whole country is carved up into two camps – those that hate the show and those that don’t watch it.

It’s all going to become more rampant too, as the show is being launched in the USofA who won’t know what’s bloody hit them once it all kicks off. American Idol is going to look like a gentle stroll through a tumbleweed factory by the first week of Simon Cowell’s dastardly, engrossing brainchild hitting the small screens.

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Child Votes In Wyre and Preston North, Dappy Absent

A 14-year-old boy is believed to have voted in the general election in the Wyre and Preston North constituency, Lancashire.

I’ll bet he got a shock when he couldn’t find Dappy’s name on the ballot paper – Bat E Bird.


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Mephedrone Madness: N-Dubz’s Dappy Does GMTV

DAPPY, lead singer with N-Dubz, the Pop look-alike spotted snorting meow meow, aka mephedrone, is perched on the GMTV sofa like a pre-teen in the headmaster’s office. Can Valium Mum tuning in warm to the star?

The Sun looks on as Dappy is met by the gaze and questions of Andrew Castle. Dappy is sad. Dappy is sad face because he says meow meow is bad – and not in a good way. Says he:

“I’m more than glad they’ve banned this thing because I can see how many people are dying of it.”

He can? Well, tell the medics, Dappy, because although meow meow has been taken by people who have not longer after died there is no clear proof it kills on its own.

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N-Dubz Dappy Does Meow Meow: Cocaine Dealers Amazed

NOW that meow meow, aka mephedrone is illegal, here’s a picture of “vilethreatening N-Dubz front man, Pob look-alike Dappy, snorting the stuff following a gig.

The best bit about the Sun’s picture is that Dappy is said to be “hoovering” up the plant food through a rolled up bank note. He is in a “grimy back office”, and not on a yacht or swanky penthouse or any other super slick venue where you take real cocaine.

Meow meow is billed in the tabloids as the cheaper alternative to cocaine. But given that Dappy is a popstar and using an actual bank note – although it might be Greek fiver or one of these – meow meow seems to be a drug in its own right.

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Westlife, Sugabaes And N-Dubz Present Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball In Pictures

TO Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena in London, with a version of the Sugababes, Taio Cruz, Nicky Byrne, Mark Feehily, Shane Filan and Kian Egan of Westlife, Pixie Lott, Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer of N-Dubz, Jamie Morrison, Shingai Shoniwa and Dan Smith of The Noisettes, Mollie King, Chipmunk, Tinchy Styder and Jordin Sparks. Finding a use for the 02 tent was once seen as the impossible job. Now it’s the big bargain bucket of pop. The pictures:


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Jordin Sparks performing during Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena in London.

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