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Stuart Loving’s hunger strikes against fossil fuels (Darfur rests)

IN 2007,  Start Loving, formerly Jay McGinley, sat outside the Sudan embassy in Washington and refused to eat until the war in Darfur ended. He told us, humbly:

“What I’m doing is not clever. It’s exactly what Gandhi, what King, what Jesus did.”

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The New Yorks Times Slaughters Darfur

THE New Tork Times is in the mire. But who bad is it? Well lives are being lost and many are starving:

Speaking at Stanford Thursday, Keller compared the quest to save the Times, a powerful and once-wealthy newspaper that brought itself to the brink of financial ruin, with the genocide of poor Africans in Darfur. Politico:

Commenting on the keep-the-Times alive movement, Keller [New York Times executive editor Bill Keller] said: “Saving the New York Times now ranks with saving Darfur as a high-minded cause.”

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