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Bullseye! The 1980s Spellers Who Put A ‘SEQUIN’ On TV Darts

Sky One has returned gameshow darts to the TV schedules. One Hundred and Eighty features darts “legends” taking on contestants and challenges for prizes. Before this there was Bullseye, the show fronted by super-smashing-great Jim Bowen, a man for whom no superlative was overlooked. Losers took home a ‘Bendy Bully’, a rubbery smiling bull toy dressed in darts nylons. Winners scored “kiddies” toys, state-of-the-art VHS video recorders and “Bully’s Star Prize”, which on at least one occasion was a white fur coat.

One highlight of many was the spelling round, in which the non-dartist half of one of three two-persons contesting teams would attempt to spell a tricky word. It was only round 1. The darts players threw one dart at a board in which each sector represented a different category of question (such as Pot Luck, Faces, Places, Sport, Showbiz, Affairs, History, Books, Words, Britain, Spelling). In the white heat of a Birmingham TV studio, extempore spelling was a devilish test of nerve.

Let’s take a look a few of the words and spellers:


tumblr_m3037ymMna1r2n2xeo1_500 (1)


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Spotter: BullsEyeContestants

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Pace Yourself Nigel: Michael “Mighty Mike” Van Gerwen Wins PDC World Championship (Photos)


PETER “Snakebite” Wright and his ensemble of brightly tinted mohawk created by his wife, Timmy Mallet’s cast-offs and an open-mouthed snake painted on the side of his head were not enough to win the PDC World Championship. Having upstaged Simon “The Wizard” Whitlock beard and plait kit, the 43-year-old Wright went down to the less extravagantly attired Michael “Mighty Mike” Van Gerwen, who in his moment of victory upstaged Wright’s effort by wearing the gigantic trophy as a top knot.

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The funniest darts video ever

THIS is the funniest darts video Anorak has ever seen:

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Darts: Jesus thrown out of Cash Converters Players’ Championship at Butlins at Minehead, Somerset

“IT was all very weird and distressing. I didn’t break down crying but I did get emotionally distraught. They were bullying me and picking on me, saying that I was someone else. It would have been okay if the security hadn’t made a fuss getting me out of the arena. I was evicted for something I have no control over. I felt discriminated against. After the tournament ended, I must admit a lot of people went to get autographs and signed photos from me.

 “I signed a few pieces of paper – but in my real name, not Jesus.”

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Kevin Brennan MP never was much cop at darts – do the maths

HOW bright do you need to be to be an MP? In this masterclass, Kevin Brennan, Labour education spokesman and MP for Cardiff West, says three in 10 pupils achieved good GCSEs in 1997. As any fule knows that’s “60 per cent.” As he said:

 ”It was we who inherited a weak system on maths and English from the Tories. Only three in 10 pupils, that’s 60 per cent because I know the Secretary of State is not very good at maths, only three in 10 pupils got a good GCSE in 1997.”

All funny stuff. If an Oxford graduate and former economics teacher can’t do the sums, who can?

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Darts: two world champions and one dad dance (doo-dah, doo-dah)

THE darts is over for another year. No darts will feature at the London Olympics, thus depriving the global TV audience the sight of British sports fans behaving without the kind of restraints imposed on them at football matches, say, and archery.

Two rival World Championships have produced two winners: Christian ‘The Lipstick’ Krist saw off Ted ‘The Count’ Hankey to take the BDO cup; and Adrian ‘Jackpot’ Lewis went home with the PDC’s copper-coated Saturn on a plinth by way of defeating Andy ‘The Hammer’ Hamilton..

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Adrian Lewis Is World Darts Champ: Now For The London Olympics (Photos)

ADRIAN Lewis is the PDC World Darts Champion. He beat Gary Anderson 7-5. The victorious Englishman said:

“I think I deserve it. I need to push on from this.”

But where is there to go? Darts must be made an Olympic sport in time for London 2012.

But is it a sport?

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Non PC David Cameron’s Apple Mac And Darts With Samantha

SAMANTHA Cameron is on the Webcameron, David Cameron’s video blog. At Sam & Dave’s house we can see that Dave has an Apple Mac. He really is non-PC Gene Hunt.

And Sam is… Well, Sam is Andy Fordham, the dartist (spotted by the Sun’s Ally Ross). She also speaks with a rhotacism, mirroring that ‘classless’ pronunciation of Jonathan Ross and David Bellamy. Darts and the common voice. Samantha Cameron might yet win the election for Dave – so long as ditches that Apple Mac…

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Martin Adams Beats Dave Chinsnell: BDO World Darts In Pictures

MARTIN Adams has defeated Dave Chisnell to win the BDO 2010 Lakeside World Championships at Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green. Football cries off. Rugby players worry about sharp grass. Darts goes on. The BDO lacks the PDC’s razzamatazz, Phil Taylor and dancing girls. But it had Tony Fleet, the Australian qualifier who produced darts of a level usually reserved for a boy’s bedroom door. The truism is that you can only beat the competitors who are put against you. And legalities and TV contracts such as they are, Martin Adam beat them all. the pictures:


Picture 1 of 16

Martin Adams (pictured) celebrates beating Daryl Gurney during the BDO 2010 Lakeside World Championships at Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green.

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VIDEO: Raymond van Barneveld’s nine-dart finish

Making a nine-dart finish is the Holy Grail for any arrows-smith. Making a nine-dart finish in front of Sky Sports’ TV cameras and thousands of ‘Christmassy’ (ie. drunk) spectators is more difficult than eating three cream crackers in less than a minute. In other words, it’s almost impossibly difficult.

But Raymond van Barneveld, a former multiple world champion (and postman), did just that at the recent PDC World Championships. Watch Barney make history below:

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