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The Daily Mail Discovers Heredity In Hull 150 Years After Darwin Published

Charles Darwin poses in a wicker chair in 1875 at an unknown location.

Charles Darwin poses in a wicker chair in 1875 at an unknown location.


THIS is pretty good of the Daily Mail, rediscovering something that was published only those 150 short years ago. That there’s something to this heredity argument, that children tend to look a bit like their parents and so on. You know, this idea that daughter of pretty woman might be pretty woman sorta thing?

A teen beauty queen has followed in her mother’s high heeled footsteps – by clinching the same beauty pageant title as she did 30 years earlier.

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Shoplifter caught out by his pet dog


DARWIN calls William Cochrane, 28, who celebrated his birthday by nicking an iPod and speakers from Asda in Inverness.

Off he ran with his booty. And he would have gotten away with it, too, had it not been for one small issue: he’d left his dog tied up outside he store. Cochrane’s address and name were on the dog’s collar.

At Inverness Sheriff Court, Cochrane admitted two charges of dishonesty.


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Why did Darwin man stick a lit firework in his butt?

WHY did Alex Bowden, 23, of Wagaman, Darwin, Australia, place a spinning “flying bee” winged firework between his trousered arse cheeks and light it?

Senior Sergeant Garry Smith has told us: “It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.” The policeman added that Bowden could be fined $282 for letting off fireworks.

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