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Man sues date for texting during Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

Brandon Vezmar is suing his date for $17.31, the price of the movie ticket he bought her. Vezmar claims the woman’s behaviour on their night out “is a threat to civilized society”.

Vezmar, 37, of Austin, Texas, is unhappy that whilst on a date at Barton Creek Square cinema, the woman, 35, became disinterested in the 3D showing of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 and began texting.

He talks to the American-Statesman. “It was kind of a first date from hell,” he says. About 15 minutes into the movie she took out her phone and texted. “This is like one of my biggest pet peeves,” he adds. In his small claim’s law suit Vezmar claims the woman “activated her phone at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages”. This, he states, was a “direct violation” of the cinema’s policy on mobile phone use.

He says he asked her to stop. She refused. He invited her to text outside, which she did. She left and never returned. She took off in the car she and Vezmar had shared to reach the cinema, leaving him to make his own way home.

“I had my phone low and I wasn’t bothering anybody,” she says. “It wasn’t like constant texting. I’m not a bad woman. I just went out on a date.”

This being America, the woman says “she planned to file a protective order against Vezmar for contacting her little sister to get the money for the movie ticket”.

This one will run and run.

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Tinder Select is quarantine for every syphilis-sacked SADO

Tinder select

The VIP entrance


Good news, shaggers. As you swipe left and right, chances are thinner than Donald Trump’s skin you’ll encounter a Hooray Henrietta, Premier League footballer, third-world despot or SADO (sons and daughters of…) because there’s a secret breeding stables called Tinder Select.

This is where the inbreds and syphilis sufferers in the celebrity Petri dish get quarantined, leaving functioning people for the rest of us to squire.

I’d imagine Tinder Select operates bit like the mobile toilets on a Hollywood film set or the broom cupboard in a London eatery, where dynasty-building nepotists and narcissists grab a life affirming knee-trembler.

You mustn’t feel jealous of the Tinder select crowd. They’ve been out in their place to spare the rest of us.

Spotter: Engadget

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How To Succeed With Brunettes And Blondes Prefer Gentlemen: 1967 US Navy Guides To Etiquette And Women

IN 1967, the Us Government taught the men How to Succeed with Brunettes. Produced by the US Navy, the film was aimed at the officer classes. Never agin would they fail in the brunette etiquette tests. 

The holiday camp music and voice of paternalistic authority add to the sense of watching a well-played joke wrapped about a firm moral message.

Two things: couple are all boy-girl; and the only black face in view belongs to a waiter. This was 1967. Etiquette came before institutionalised racism. But let’s not spoil things. Let’s get down to the pulling:



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Video Dating In 1957 At The Radio and Television Fair

ON August 21 1957, visitors to the Radio and Television Fair watched the effect of their words on a TV telephone set up in Frankfurt, West Germany. Phones used for calls were linked to four TV sets and two cameras so each person can see a picture of himself and the person he is talking to. The AP reported: “There is no telling what effect the TV telephone will have on what people say and how they do it when they call.”

PA-5847050 (2)



We wonder…



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Larry ‘Romeo’ Busby will pay you to find him a non-fat, non-black, non-slut female to marry


LARRY Busby, 38, is looking for a girlfriend who must not be black, short-haired, jobless, fat or a slut. Find this elusive creature and Larry will give you $1,500 to spend on, well, fat black sluts. If Larry marries the chaste, thin, non-black dream boat he will give you can extra $1,000.

Larry issued his call to arms on his Sleepless in Austin website, where he writes under the name Romeo Rose. Says Larry:

“I don’t care if she looks like Halle Berry. I will not ever date a black girl”.

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Dating Dos and Don’ts – a 1949 film that helped millions of American boys get a date their mothers would like

HOW do you choose a date? Whose company would you enjoy? Why not consider looks..? Why not consider good-looking Janice? Well, she is attractive but acts superior and makes you feel small. A boy want to know he’s appreciated. Choose Anne. She’d be fun. But how to ask? Well, in 1949 boys like Woody had help.

In Dating Dos and Don’ts, the helpful fellows at Coronet Instructional Media had tips on 16-millimetre film.

In the 20th Century you did it like this:



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10 ways to get yourself into a sexual harassment seminar

sex pest

DAVID DeAngelo, expert in douchery, has written a 10-point article about the art of talking to women… SEXUALLY. He uses the word so often in this piece that it’s impossible to read it without big caps and Zap Brannigan’s voice in your head, writes Rebecca Brynolf.

Let’s take a look at Dave’s advice for talking to women… SEXUALLY, point by point, and see where he might be going wrong.

“Did you know that talking about sex with a woman can be the first step to actually having it?” – It CAN be, if you’ve established a genuine connection and a mutual level of attraction. It CAN also be the first step to a woman pulling the rape alarm, too.

“Unfortunately, most guys screw up big time when they try to turn a conversation in that direction, and end up coming across as “creepy” or clueless.” – No kidding, Dave.

“The solution here is to learn how to flirt with a woman in a sexual way. Here are 10 tips to help you do so.” – In a SEXUAL way, you say?


Number 10

“Speak in a sexy way

“Think you can turn a woman on with a high-pitched, squeaky voice?” – Hey, it worked for Prince.

“Think again. Women pay more attention to your voice tone than to the words you speak.” – Honestly, sometimes when men speak I’m so overcome with the SEXUALNESS of how men speak rather than what they say that I may as well be listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher.

“When you flirt with a woman in a sexual way, work on improving your delivery. Speak slowly, hold eye contact, deepen your voice and pause. But be careful not to be overdramatic and cheesy.” – Dave, Dave. If you speak slowly with frequent pauses, a woman, or anyone, is going to think that either you’re slow, or you think they’re slow. OR that you think you’re a Brit abroad.


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SEATTLE power couple hook up on Craigslist:






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Why do men still have to pay for dates?

paying for datesTHERE really are some handwringing feminists who need to get out a bit more. This particular one is wondering why it is that it’s men that usually pay for dates. The answer is very simple but not one that seems to have occurred to her.

When it comes to dating, even in 2013 and even among millennials, men are still largely expected to pick up the check.

There’s one detailed point where she is simply wrong:

And despite much bally-hooed talk about the “real” cause of the wage gap, the fact of the matter remains that, no matter how you caveat it, women make less than their peers in the same professions and much less than their male peers if you take into account their differing choices of professions (which some writers have noted are often driven by the experience of sexism in universities and professional settings).

So when it comes time to pull out one’s wallet at the end of the date for people under 30, the sad truth is that there might not be much money in either, but it’s statistically probable that there is less in the woman’s.

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Bang With Friends: the only people anonymous are the sex site’s creators

bang with friends

BANG WITH FRIENDS is a site that boasts:

The anonymous, simple, fun way to find  friends who are down for the night.

Your friends will never know you’re interested unless they are too!  (Completely private & discreet until both friends are down to bang!)  

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How to use data to get a date

EVER been on a date arranged online? Amy Webb has. Lots of them. She wrote a book about her experiences called Data, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match. Webb says dating sites fail because they’re “computing our half-truths and aspirational wishes”. We show a highly selective, idealised version of ourselves. Maria Popova reviews:

After a series of bad dates following a major heartbreak, mathematically-driven Amy decided to take a quantitative approach to the playing field and started systematically recording various data points about her dates, revealing some important correlations. After one particularly bad date, she decided to formalize the exercise and wrote down everything that was important to her in a mate — from intellectual overlap to acceptable amount of body hair — eventually coming up with 72 attributes that she was going to demand in any future date. She then broke down these attributes into two tiers and developed a scoring system, assigning specific points to each. For 700 out of a maximum possible 1800, she’d agree to have an email exchange; for 900, she’d go on a date; for 1,500, she’d consider a long-term relationship.

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Mary Kay Beckham sues for introducing her to a women killer

MARY Kay Beckman, 50, of Las Vegas, is suing dating site for leading her toward Wade Ridley, 53.

The couple dated for ten days before Ms Beckham ened it. Four months later, Ridley stabbed her ten times and kicked her in the head. Ms Beckham required surgery to her skull. Her sight and hearing were saved.

Ridley is now dead. He killed himself in prison. Before dying he admitted to the murder of  Anne Simenson, an Arizona woman he met on

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The greatest video dating clips ever. Really. EVER

THE greatest video dating clips ever. Really. EVER. All you need is tell us who you like best….

Dating Montage by smithy00101

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Awkward dating profiles without Julian Assange – photos

TUMBLR site of the day is OK Cupid Enemies, pages that document the best of the OK Cupid dating site. Sadly, lovelorn Julian Assange is otherwise engaged right now, but others are available. Browse the talent:



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The 10 hottest women currently in prison – the profiles

THE ten hottest women currently doing time in US prisons are…busy tonight. But when they get out they will be looking for love. Ranker brings us the finest filly felons from Top of the bunks is, allegedly, Renee Bell, 33, who tells us that her man: “Must be willing to commit eventually. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Postage is hard to come by in prison, if possible send stamps.”

If you do not commit, fail to commit of look like you will not commit, remember that Renee Bell, reportedly, has done time. She adds: “I got involved with the wrong guy at a young age and I am paying the price, now I want to find the right guy.” And the wrong guy might want to find you, to make sure you’re looking after Renee…

Others to watch:

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Stella Mouzi Photos: Gibson Isn’t Racist Or Woman-Hating Because He Has A New Not-White Girlfriend, So There

OKAY, Mel Gibson may well have dropped the N-bomb on his ex whilst wishing a raping on her and, yeah, he may have come across rather Anti-Semitic that time… and yes, fair enough, he may well have looked like a woman loathing lunatic when he confessed to slapping Oksana Grigorieva in a police report, but you’ve got it all wrong.

See, the beaver-handed maniac has a new girlfriend. Who gets a girlfriend if they hate women? And she’s not all-American either. She’s a Greek gothic model called Stella Mouzi. So he can’t be racist can he?

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How To Date Women In New York And Maybe London: A Video Guide

ART Malov is her to tell YOU how to flirt and pull chicks. Sorry, Art. How to get with hos. No. Too much. How to pull the birds… Sheesh. This ia hard. Thankfully, Art is here to help. He’s a dating coach in New York. That might just be a joke to relax the babes and get them in the sack. That do, Art..?

How To Flirt At Work And Not Get Sacked

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Peter Andre Won’t Be Dating You Famous Women, So You Can Breathe Easy

DESPITE barely registering on most people’s scale of celebrity, Peter Andre has an almost charming delusion that he’s a big deal. He takes his music very seriously (no, honestly he does – if he was any more earnest, he’d be a good replacement for the Montell Williams Show) and is very, very keen to remind us all what a good parent he is.

Not that anyone cares about his stupid offspring.

And now, for reasons unclear, Pete wants to inform us all that he won’t be dating women who are in the public eye anymore. Is that because they don’t tend to recognise him?

“I always thought they should understand your job, but given the option now I would like to stay away from dating anyone in the industry.”

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Online Lovers Discover They Are Brother And Sister

WHEN Sarah Kemp and George Bentley met on the internet, a relationship bloomed and blossomed. After a welter of emails they agreed to see each other in person. They would meet in London.

There they chatted and found out that they were brother and sister.

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The Weirdest Dating Websites – A Picture Study Of STDs, Fetishes, Drugs And Sex

IN our guide to dating websites, we have good news for furries, Amish, Aryans, dwarf fanciers, anyone keen to meet a partner with a matching sexually transmitted disease, weed freaks, Star Trek aficionados, money, a farm, a nappy fetish, a sexy mental illness, cats and many more lovelorn singles. Enjoy the gallery. There is someone for everyone – even you:


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How To Get A Date Online: A Picture Guide

dating1WANT to pull online? This study of profile photo correlated pulling to the photo you sumbit of your ideal self. Be warned:

Now, you’re always told to look happy and make eye contact in social situations, but at least for your online dating photo, that’s just not optimal advice. For women, a smile isn’t strictly better: she actually gets the most messages by flirting directly into the camera [… However,] flirting away from the camera is the single worst attitude a woman can take. Certain social etiquettes apply even online: if you’re going to be making eyes at someone, it should be with the person looking at your picture.

Men’s photos are most effective when they look away from the camera and don’t smile:

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