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Courtney Love says sorry to daughter, not that anyone believes she’s any less mental (Dave Grohl tweets)

COURTNEY LOVE is, without doubt, the most insane person on planet Earth right now. More insane than an attic filled with Robert Mugabe’s self-portrait pyjamas.

If you missed it, Courtney has been saying that Dave Grohl tried to hump her daughter, Frances Bean. She also said that Grohl has a ‘rapey’ thing going on. Grohl dismissed the claims while Frances, the child Courtney had with Nirvana death boy Kurt Cobain, has called for twitter to ban her mother.

Ostensibly, everyone has slowly turned their back on the Hole frontwoman because she’s not only insane, but impressively annoying with it too. While our backs are collectively turned, Love has now started shouting again… and this time, she’s sorry.

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Posted: 17th, April 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Courtney Love hated by her daughter and Kurt’s best friends

THIS might surprise you, but Courtney Love has been going mad again. You may think that her wild ramblings, ‘accidental’ nude leaks of herself via her own twitter account, bizarre plastic surgery and the whole Burning Her House Down may be little more than accidents. However… and bear with us… she’s looking like she might be actually insane.

So much so that her own daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, wants twitter to ban her from the site after Courtney claimed Dave Grohl tried to shag Kurt Cobain’s daughter.

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Westboro Baptist Church Versus Foo Fighters!

WHILE the Foo Fighters have yet to kill or paste a single ‘Foo’, they’ve got a battle pressing. After they released their ‘Hot Buns’ video, they horsed around in the showers of a gas station, dressed like truckers and playing the whole homo-erotic thing for laughs.

And it is funny.

However, profoundly not-laughing are the pickled foetuses that make up the numbers at the Westboro Baptist Church who are going after The Nicest Band In Rock.

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