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BNP Nick Griffin’s Question Time: Christmas Cancelled, Winston Churchill Tweets And White Trash

bnp4JUST when you thought you’d heard the last of twitchy BNP leader Nick Griffin, up pop the media to tell you that you should be thinking about him.

Before we go on, we have question for Mr Griffin:

If, as you say (we have video evidence), Winston Churchill would have joined the BNP, in what capacity would he have served – as leader or as your subordinate? And if he would have been the BNP’s leader, in what ways would he have made a better leader than you? The Indy sums it up best:

It is not hectoring or mystique, but familiarity that breeds contempt.

Oh for a Sir Jimmy Goldsmith clapping along as the crowed chant “Raus! Raus! Raus!”

Now to all the news and views:

Sky News: “’One In Five Voters Now Considering BNP’”

Shocking news for Sheila and Lucy Cohen to know that one of them or their three grown-up children is a Nazi. But the BNP is all-inclusive (you said that too, Nick.)

More than a fifth of voters would consider voting for the British National Party according to the first opinion poll taken since the controversial appearance of Nick Griffin on Question Time.

Would consider… And then dismiss it?

More than half of those questioned said that they agreed with the BNP, or thought that the party had a point, in wishing to speak up for the interests of the indigenous, white British people which successive governments have done too little to protect.

Into the void created by the mainstream parties’ lack of desire to talk about immigration, race and a media that demonises the white working class steps the BNP.

And as our own Ed Barrett notes:

Today, the white working class has neither political power nor cultural cachet. One consequence of this is that the rest of society sees no reason to hide its distaste when discussing it. In these politically correct times poor whites are just about the only section of society that it is permissible to insult. The council estate, once a symbol of progress (albeit of a bureaucratic penny-pinching variety), is now regarded as the British equivalent of the American trailer park, and its inhabitants, once the harbingers of a coming classless age, are derided as ‘white trash’.

Sky news’s facts leads to the Sun’s front-page headline:

“DOWNFALL – NAZI BACKSLASH FOR GRIFFIN – Nation turns on BNP chief after TV fiasco”

Only seven per cent in the YouGov poll of 1,314 people said they would “definitely” or “possibly” back them.

Down with the BNP!

As the Guardian puts it:

“Ministers warn of poll boost for BNP after Question Time”

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