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David Blaine uses 1 Million Volts to cure chronic shyness – photos

TO New York, where magician David Blaine stands inside an electrified apparatus surrounded by Tesla coils. He will remain like this for 72 hours. The Electrified: 1 Million Volts Always On on Pier 54, New York, is showmanship in the name of science. Can Blaine be cured of his chronic shyness by electro-therapy? Or will he need his own TV chat show…?

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How David Blaine Held His Breath For 17 Minutes: A Video

HOW David Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes: a video. All utter nonsense, of coure. But fun to listen to watching him try to convince us that it’s not a trick:

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Billy Bob Thornton Presents The Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews Ever

ANORAK brings you the Most AWakwards celebroty interviews ever.

In 1963, the Irish writer Desmond Leslie – enraged by a nasty review of his wife’s latest play – was able to infiltrate the audience of David Frost’s studio discussion show, march up to offending reviewer Bernard Levin and land a superb left hook on his nose in front of 11 million viewers.

“Just a minute Mr Levin, this will only take a minute,” Leslie had said with impeccable politeness before unleashing a blow described by The Times as “the most public punch since Sonny Liston took the heavyweight title from Floyd Patterson”.

Billy Bob said he was upset because Ghomeshi referred to his acting career in the introduction to the interview. He said he’d told the producer to focus on the band and not mention his acting.

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Baroness Neuberger Is A Moron

The Telegraph reports her claiming that:

“Children will grow up not trusting anyone in Britain’s risk-averse society”

Anyone using the term ‘risk-averse’ as Baroness Neuberger has should be hung upside down, next to David Blaine, without a catheter.

They are morons.

They are morons because they don’t even know what risk means.

They are morons because they don’t even know what ‘risk-averse’ means.

They are morons who think that the money world is sexy and if they say things like ‘risk-averse’ it will make them sexy too.

They are particularly morons when, surrounded by the catastrophic consequences of unprotected sex in the money markets, they still use ‘risk-averse’ as if being risk-averse is a bad thing!

It isn’t!

It’s a good thing!

What’s not good is fear, or terror, or gibbering hysteria ratcheted up by politicians who like their voters frightened because that way they can shaft them better.

The way Paulson is doing…

– Chenier

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BBC Is Hung Up On David Blaine

EXHIBITIONIST David Blaine is hanging upside down over a section of New York’s Central Park.

Anyone walking below Blaine should take an umbrella lest his catheter break, and, for similar reasons, a bucket and towel.

His hanging is a lead story on the BBC’s Breakfast show, on which presenters are invited to walk the fine line between snooty and trashy. Watching is not enough unlike tuning into a dinner conversation at a provincial golf club.

Sian Williams – who for deaf viewers and anyone who might want to draw their one conclusions attempts to read the news with her eyes alone (wide for a happy story; narrow for sad; squinting for disapproval) – wonders why anyone in their right mind should want to see Blaine hanging upside down.

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The Large Hadron Collider Has Killed Everyone

THE LARGE Hadron Collider has killed everyone. If you are reading this you are dead. If you are not reading this you are dead.


Gill Hornby: “Before the world ends, I just wanted to say: I told you so”

In my own branch of Astrophysics, CKtC – or, to give it its full name, Curiosity Killed the Cat – we jolly well wish they wouldn’t.

Stalking celebrities for science: Alexander Fsachem needs celebs to make sense of the universe on the BBC…

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