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David Calvert Is The Man Who Could Never Be Everton’s Jon Venables

LACK of hard news makes strange bedfellows. The Sun and Daily Mail are today both among those who carry the tale of the 27-year-old man who is not, and will never be, murderer Jon Venables, writes AGW.

The Sun’s Ben Ashford finds David Calvert, a Liverpool-born father of four who may live up the road in Fleetwood and over 2,000 angry others think he looks like what joint child killer Jon Venables may look like.

David and his partner Debbie have had to move five times because of mistaken identity headaches.

David Calvert…the, alleged, may-be-
Jon Venables-look-a-like

Despite a Facebook page, now taken down, David can not be the man now in prison awaiting a decision by a Parole Board on the revoking of his life-licence.

Ben says David is now in hiding because of fears over his mistaken identity…just as Jon Venables was alleged to have been …or not. Ben also tells us David has been in prison but not for violence, in David’s case it was fraud.
Such is the tabloid appetite to get the facts and nothing but the facts.

The Daily Mail sees Baroness Butler-Sloss’s vigilantes and Mail-man Stephen Wright again sees a father of four living in fear with his partner and family because over 2,000 are hunting him and email chain letters have branded him as two-year-old James Bulger’s killer. The Mail writer adds this is not a new witch-hunt and David Calvert has been mistaken for Jon Venables for over five years and has moved several times.

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