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David Cameron Dot Com Is Nick Clegg’s Joker: Cam’s Tech Horror

SPARKINGLY on-trend our new Prime Minister may like us to think he is – so it is distressing to discover that David Cameron has failed to buy up his .com domain name. The result of this oversight is that – which at first glance looks like a Cameron blog – is now in the hands of a non-fan of the PM, one Reza Sorbati (of north London).

The opening two lines of the site’s most recent post are representative of the hostile tone:

“Ashcroft and Clegg help Cameron hobble to power. The electorate get a LibCon Coalition which is jeered into Downing Street on a sad day for democracy.”

Nor can I be certain that is owned by the PM. The site claims to be a “gateway to sites on the Internet for [sic] david cameron!” But it appears to be a gateway to unrelated sites, such as those for cheap international calls or a new political party called… New Party., too, is just another gateway.

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Posted: 20th, May 2010 | In: Politicians | Comment