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Madonna takes on Elton John and just about everyone else in the world. Again.

NOW that Madonna’s pop-crown is slipping Lady GaGaward, largely thanks to her taking herself far too seriously and spreading herself too thinly, she’s remembered that nothing gets you column inches like a beef. Or numerous beefs. She’s beef mad, clearly.

The big story is Madge and Elton John are at loggerheads after the Golden Globes. Queen Bitch Elton said that Queen Bitch Madge ‘didn’t have a chance’ winning the award for Best Original Song. She promptly went and won ‘best song’.

This isn’t the first time they’ve fallen out. They spat at each other in 2004 after Elton accused Madonna of miming. After hearing about Elton’s ratings of her, she snarked: “Was he wearing a dress? Those are fighting words… OK, well, may the best man win.” After picking up the award for her W.E. song Masterpiece,Madge stated: “I hope he speaks to me for the next couple of years. He tends to get mad at me. I don’t feel bad.”

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Elton John And David Furnish’s Clothes Sale: In Pictures

PSST! FANCY owning a piece of clothing worn by a late middle-aged man with a tea-cosy fringe and a Mr Furnish in questionable shoes? Well, now’s your chance! Elton John and David Furnish present their Out The Closet (?!) show in London’s Covent Garden. This 12th December, the British public will have a – as it says here since 2004 – “once-in-a-lifetime chance to get their hands on an exclusive array of Elton John and David Furnish’s flamboyant clothing collection, direct from their wardrobes.” Wanna buy some high-priced, second-hand fancy dress? All monies go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. So when you look like a demented clown and everyone takes the piss out of you, just tell them you’re doing it for charity – and to make some wardrobe space for Elton’s Comfi-Slax… The range in pictures and soem memorable poses:


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Public to have the Chance of Owning a Piece of Elton John and David Furnish as ÔOut the ClosetÕ Opens its Doors in Covent Garden - On 12th December, the British public will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get their hands on an exclusive array of Elton John and David FurnishÕs flamboyant clothing collection, direct from their wardrobes. From outfits worn by Elton on stage to DavidÕs favourite Dior shirts, fans will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of the biggest stars in showbiz for real, as well as hand pick from their finest collection of clothes and accessories, including sunglasses, luggage and belts. Ranging from £10 to £2,000, the stock will feature labels such as Versace, Dior, Prada, McQueen, D&G and Jean Paul Gaultier. The shop will be restocked daily until sold out and a clearance sale will take place on any unsold stock on Saturday 19th December. Sales will go to support the work on the Elton John AIDS Foundation. ÔOut the Closet 2009Õ will be the fifth pop up shop the Elton John AIDS Foundation has held. The last ÔOut The ClosetÕ, on Regent Street in 2002, sold approximately 15,000 items and raised £400,000 for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Picture shows: David Furnish with models wearing his and Elton's clothes in Covent Garden this morning.

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Lady Furnish Collects Elton John’s Nappy Hair In A Locket

DID you know that Lady David Furnish wears a lock of Elton John’s hair in a locket about his throat? Says Lady F:

“I have around my neck a little tiny locket and it has a lock of Elton’s baby hair…”

John watchers had long clung onto the belief that the singer’s hair-do was the product of a knitting pattern or real hair taken from the heads of fans. To read that it is shorn from baby’s scalps is monstrous.

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