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Michael Jackson Tribute: Profonol Peter Doherty Duets With Mariah Carey

jackson-tapeMICHAEL Jackson Tribute Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Profonol Pete Doherty’s Tribute, Jackson rached out to R Kelly, Mariah Carey regrets not being the star of the funeral and a ghost in the tape…

Pete Doherty is to perform a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Smack and crack are old news. Propofol is in. A stars needs a signature drug. Doheryt hasd dabbled but he has never achieved the telling epithet, such as Cocaine Kate, his former lover Kate Moss did, nor the King Of Prop. Michael Jackson.

Also, Doherty will appear on the David Gest.. My Life! A Musical Concert Extravaganza show at the HMV Apollo in Hammersmith, west London. Gest made up one part of that picture of Liza Minnelli, Jackson and Liz Taylor, the one in which all four appear to be melting.

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