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Julian Assange On ‘Crushing Bastards’, David Gower And Manning’s Death Sentence

JULIAN Assange, the Australian founder of Wikileaks with the looks of a combed David Gower, says “inside sources in the White House” warn him not to visit the US. He needs inside sources to tell him that? Doesn’t Assange read the media or follow that journalisic mainstay – the hunch?

If one thing has emerged from the Wikileaks story it is that Wikileaks likes being the story. Why mention your sources inside the White House if you want to protect them? You mention them to give yourself credibilty.

If Wikileaks is to be undone, it will be undone by vanity. But how important is it and those leaked documents on the Afghan war? A news round-up on how the media became the news:

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Assange was talking to the Frontline Club:

“Today the White House put out a private briefing to reporters about Wikileaks and me and it quoted a section from an interview with me in Der Spiegel saying that I enjoy crushing bastards.

“Somehow the White House finds that offensive. In terms of returning to the United States I don’t know. Our sources advise from inside the US government that there were thoughts of whether I could be charged as a co-conspirator to espionage, which is serious.

“That doesn’t seem to be the thinking within the United States any more however there is the other possibility of being detained as a material witness and being kept either in confinement or not being allowed to leave the country until the Manning case is concluded.”

9/11 pictures

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