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David Starkey talks of the ‘disproportionately black criminal class’ in London’s gangsta rap Armada

A FEW highlights from David Starkey’s comment on the London riots of 2011, as told to the Daily Telegraph. As before, the historian is giving full throat to his metaphorisation of black skin for criminality

Far from being merely opportunistic, the core of the rioters was formed of an already existing criminal class and that class is disproportionately black. 

Of course, black might not refer to skin colour. Starkey is the prat who says “whites have become black”.

Starkey then goes on to attack black culture – the “violent, destructive, nihilistic, ‘gangsta’ culture” of the street.

As we said:

If only Elizabeth I or her dad Henry VIII – his favourite book and TV topics – had been black he might now be metaphorising white skin for criminality

Says Starkey:

Only one person is of the necessary stature: Doreen Lawrence.

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David Starkey and Laurie Penny debate what it is to be disgrace to the Left and Right

WHEN historian David Starkey, pursuivant courtier and educator in Queenie Elizabethans, met writer Laurie Pennie at the Sunday Times Festival of Education at Wellington college in Berkshire, something happened. The elite had a row.

Penny called Starkey a “racist”, a “troll” and a “bigot”. (We’ve been here before.)

Starkey opined that the nine Asian paedophiles in Rochdale who raped and sexually primed white girls exhibited behaviour “entrenched in the foothills of the Punjab or wherever it is”. The men needed to be “inculcated in the British ways of doing things”.

Ah, those Victoria values that says raped children should be seen and not heard.  The most prolific Rochdale rapist is Shabir Ahmed, 59, (pictured) who was convicted of 30 more rapes in a separate trial. Judge Mushtaq Khokhar adjourned sentencing until August 2 for reports.

You wonder how many more victims are out there – or at home, sat in the quiet?

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Tory Blog Says Muggers Are Gypsies Trying To Be Black

THE right-wing London Spin blog recalls the following event:

A MEMBER of Conservative Future, the youth wing of the the Tory Party, has been mugged by a cunning gang of gypsies at a Posh Chelsea watering hole, London Spin can reveal. The victim was attending a secret strategy dinner discussing campaign planning with another female attendee when he was approached by the gang. The fraudsters were trying to flog a fake pearl necklace and aggressively asked for the victim’s female companion to ‘try on’ the dodgy gems.

After a stern exchange, the con artists fled the scene, and five minutes later the activist discovered his £200 iPhone was missing from the table. Speaking exclusively to London Spin, he said: “They came over to our table offering the dodgy necklace, which we didn’t want to buy. They were quite pushy about it and on reflection it was clearly a cunning plan to distract our attention while they swiped my mobile. It was a very slick operation; I suspected they’d used some kind of ancient gypsy magic on me.”

The activist was so angry he alerted cops.

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David Starkey V Rastamouse – White Working Class Just Looking For Fun

DAVID Starkey V Rastamous. It’s a TV celebrity Smack Down. David Starkey is the historian who says “whites have become black”. His “metaphorisation of black skin for criminality” displayed the limits of his research. Soon he will be talking on a paddle steamer as it paddles along the Thames. Also talking on the craft will be Rastamouse’s creators, Genevieve Webster and Michael De Souza. Ratamouse is a Rastafarian community minded cartoonish mouse from children’s telly.

It was he who sparked one mum on Mumsnet to opine:

The thing that I’m most worried about is my daughter knowing/saying words like Rasta.”

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David Starkey Sees A Jamaican Armada: Henry VIII Was A Black Homicidal Maniac

I’M sorry to see that ‘historian’ Dr David Starkey is in the Twitter stocks for his metaphorisation of black skin for criminality. His problem is that he has never to my knowledge written a history of a black homicidal maniac. If only Elizabeth I or her dad Henry VIII – his favourite book and TV topics – had been black he might now be metaphorising white skin for criminality: strange how chance, circumstance and schooling play a part in our avowed certainties and comforts.

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Modern Delights: The Joy Of The Celebrity Death

3919433A NEW book, Modern Delight, has asked 80 celebrities to reveal what makes them glow inside. Gyles Brandreth has made the news by admitting that he gets a kick from the death of his friends. A dead celebrity is thing of joy:

“They must be older than me, of course or, if younger, only slightly so. I am not talking here of the deaths of children or the young. Or of soldiers killed in action … I am talking about the delight of opening the morning paper and turning to the obituaries and seeing the face of a near-contemporary who has just snuffed it and being able to say to my wife, ‘Do you see old so-and-so’s gone?'”

Old Mr Anorak was asked to submit his secret delights and noted that his chief delight was not being asked to submit pieces to charity books, followed by sliding on a shoe and having to pull the lace out from under his socked foot, Germany scoring against England at football (a delight shared by every jobbing sports hack) and Jermy Kyle intoducing “the genius” Graham to give free televised therapy to the TV abused.

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