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David Walliams hates it when people ‘come out’

David Walliams attending the premiere of Great Expectations, the closing night gala of the BFI London Film Festival, at the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square.

THIS bizarrely Christian bit of the world we live in has made it difficult for anyone not-straight to do as they please. Quite why anyone would be interested in someone’s genital interest is a quandary. Surely religious types shouldn’t worry themselves about it all, shouting ‘GOD HATES FAGS’ and threatening people with damnation – surely, if God exists, he’ll sort it out when they die or hit sinner with a plague or something?

One sticky area (don’t be so dirty) is coming out. People worry that their parents will disown them, react badly or worse still, act all groovy and say something irritatingly twee about the Kinsey Scale.

And so, with that, David Walliams has decided to throw his oar in.

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Wall Of Fame – David Walliams Takes It Hard And Fast Up The Twitter

I GOT a chance to watch David Walliams, the UK’s official gay-for-pay ambassador (after Russell Brand) hosting his new tabloid panel show, Wall Of Fame on SKY 1 HD.

Essentially, David is a dry, hetero-flexible host with good punchlines and visual jokes, like his burning cactus (that is not an STI reference).

This is completely new territory for Walliams. Viewers see a new side to him – the strategic, driven and focused star drawing the panel and his guests out into the pop cultural fray to take the piss. He adds class to the usual news quiz format.

My attention was held as the wall of 25 photos and videos lit up and flickered. David acted queer and special guests Billie Piper and Mrs. Robinson-esque political wife Sally Bercow added to the impression of watching the lounge at a suburban party of city emigrants.

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David Walliams Marries Lara Stone: In Photos

DAVID Walliams has married leggy Dutch model Lara Stone at Claridge’s Hotel in central London. Stone, 26, sported a £30,000 Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy dress. Walliams, 38, wore a suit. Guests wore smiles. Hello! And OK! wore a look of frustration – no showbiz mag sale here, folks. Also there: Matt Lucas, Robin Dashwood, Natalie Imbruglia, Alan Carr, Denise van Outen, Lee Mead, David Baddiel, Barbara Windsor, Jonathan Ross, Ronnie Corbett, James Corden, Jimmy Carr, Steve Coogan and Dale Winton. Forget the snark – this was a good do. Anorak has never been  fan of the tedious Little Britain, a flaccid bunch of gags dressed up in puke. But Walliams remains likeable.


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David Walliams and his new wife Lara Stone leave Claridge's Hotel in central London following their wedding.

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Kate Moss, Girl Aloud And Not Cheryl Cole Do Fashion For Relief: In Pictures

PICTURES from the Fashion for Relief catwalk show at London’s Somerset House, with Alexandra Burke, Ronnie Corbett, Nicola Roberts, Kate Moss, Pixie Geldof, Kate Moss, Annabelle Neilson, Naomi Campbell, Jo Wood, James Corden, Geri Halliwell, David Walliams, Kimberley Walsh, Dame Shirley Bassey, Denise Van Outen, Piers Morgan but no Cheryl Cole. Haiti is grateful…


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Kate Moss on the runway during the Fashion for Relief catwalk show at Somerset House, central London.

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The Real Story Of Kevin McGee And Matt Lucas

KEVIN McGee has died. He was briefly married to Matt Lucas, the TV star. And the media goes to work giving the dead man’s life meaning. Yesterday, Mr McGee was “Little Britain Star Matt’s Ex Found Dead” – today he is front-page news. The next biggest thing to a celebrity dying is someone who once knew a celebrity dying:

“The tragic truth behind suicide of Little Britain star’s husband” – Daily Mail

“Why Matt’s ex killed himself” – Daily Mirror

“Lucas ex blew £2million on drugs and booze” – Daily Star

“Matt’s battle of get ex off coke” – The Sun

The story is not about Kevin McGee, of course, it’s about Matt Lucas.

Well, he might not even be about him, as the Star scurries around for some stardust and delivers:

Telly presenter Davina McCall, 41, yesterday sent Matt a message on Twitter saying: “Hello, it’s Davina here. Someone on Twitter told me you were having a tough time so I’m sending you a hug.”

But what about Lucas. Is he ok? The Sun knows:

The Little Britain funnyman, 35, was last night in a “black hole of despair” after former civil partner Kevin McGee, 32, hanged himself.

He’s in a black hole of despair or the man who killed himwelf is? At least Lucas is not alone:

The distraught comic refused to leave his apartment in the centre of the capital. Little Britain co-star David Walliams, 38, spent hours comforting him behind drawn curtains yesterday. Last night he and comic Jimmy Carr, 37, nipped out to fetch him a Chinese. Dale Winton also dropped by with a condolence card.

The Express adds more celebrity mourners:

COMEDIAN Matt Lucas was being comforted by his Little Britain co-star David Walliams yesterday after his former partner Kevin McGee was found hanged.

The stars are there for Matt Lucase, as is the Mirror which delivers this charming headline to comfort him:

Matt Lucas: Ex husband Kevin McGee ‘killed himself after discovering Little Britain star had found new love’

The story – added by “MATT DIED OF A BROKEN HEART” – is based on the opinion of a namesless source:

A friend of Kevin’s said last night: “It seems he just couldn’t get over the fact there could be someone else in Matt’s life.

But the pick of the headlinse is with the blog SameSame, which learns of a man who hanged himself and tells its readers:

Little Britain Star ‘Floored’

How’s that for a tribute?

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Jonathan Ross Telethon: BBC Talent Donates Salary To Good Causes

NEWS that Jonathan Ross is to forgo £1.5milion pay is good news for Spanish waiters, and great news for the economy as a whole.

Ross, a BBC employee and civil servant, realised the state of the Government coffers and offered to self-tax.

Ross knew that Gordon Brown would not fail to be turned on by his celebrity debate. Brown duly calls for Ross’s head. Ross has to go. And Melton Mowbray gets a new community centre.

Bravo for Jonathan Ross, who is rightly lauded on every one of the nation’s front pages.

More like him, says Anorak.

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