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Dawson spares a few thought on Katie Holmes’ and Pacey’s wedding (a meme is born)

DID Katie Holmes leave Tom Cruise over Dawson’s Creek? Was Cruise so unnerved that Joey Potter (Holmes) was set to finally marry Pacey in a Creek special and live forever a magical halcyon summer in Capeside? Was Tom trying to save us from Dawson, the idealistic sensitive bore who gave us heamorrhoids as we waited for him to finish ordering lunch or giving full throat to a soliloquy on his shoelaces or ears. (Dawson also gave us Twilight, which is Dawson’s Creek with pointy teeth and fur.)

Odd that Holmes, who rose to fame playing one of a group of teen who loved shooting to breeze by analysing themselves, whould marry a Scientologist for the free audit. Maybe she misread the marriage contract as “FREE AUDI!”

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Posted: 6th, July 2012 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts, TV & Radio | Comment